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Blue Blossom Kimono


These beautiful kimonos are handmade from super soft bamboo rayon with a distinctively colorful, floral design. Interlacing mandalas and petals adorn the kimono with a sprinkle of delicate patterns in contrasting colors bringing this piece of clothing to life.

Although the print varies, the Blossom collection is identical in design to the Feather Kimono.  Both have low hanging pockets on either side of the item. 

Incredibly versatile you can use this piece as a swimsuit cover-up or as a transitional piece from day time on the beach to an evening out. Alternatively it can be paired with a tank and shorts or jeans for a more urban look. Either way you'll feel stylish and comfortable!

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City Beach Vegan-fabric

Brand: Handmade
Material: Bamboo Rayon
Arms: 24 inches

Height: 42 inches
Shipping: Free worldwide delivery

Washing and care instructions: This product is not pre-washed. When you wash it for the first time please separate it from other clothes and wash in cold water. Avoid using hot water. Avoid soaking for long periods.

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