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Red Feather Kimono


Our delicately patterned kimono is adorned with a beautiful feather design. The swirling shapes are concentrated on the lower half of the garment interlaced with contrasting colors.

This item is made from bamboo rayon making it both cruelty-free, fully biodegradable and literally feather light. As well as being incredibly light and soft to the touch, the Feather Kimono is is a favorite for its versatility. It can be worn to the beach over a bikini or swimsuit but also doubles as a stylish accessory when worn over jeans or shorts for a boho chic look.

Due to the swirls and patterns of this design we recommend it be matched with plain tops, shorts or skirts. It's available in 4 different colors, all handmade in Thailand in a socially responsible way.

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Brand: Handmade
Material: Bamboo Rayon
Arms: 24 inches

Height: 42 inches
Shipping: Free worldwide delivery

Washing and care instructions: This product is not pre-washed. When you wash it for the first time please separate it from other clothes and wash in cold water. Avoid using hot water. Avoid soaking for long periods.

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