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What is the color for your Zodiac sign?

Color is a perception of how we see various wavelengths of light, but it has also held significant, sacred meaning since the beginning of human civilization. Color pigments like blue used to be as valuable as gold, and were used sparingly in art as a way of showing off wealth or religious devotion. As we’ve mentioned previously color is especially significant in Thailand, where each day of the week has a corresponding color.

Astrology and color are also intrinsically linked, with each zodiac sign having an associated power color. So, what exactly is a power color? Your power color is the color that makes you feel more vibrant, strong, and confident. It’s the color that projects your inner energy. Zodiac signs each have their own associated power color, so if you identify with your astrological sign then this guide should help you identify the right power color for you.

zodiac sign circle chart

Aries - Red

Aries is closely associated with red: energetic, passionate, powerful, a leader. Aries is ruled by Mars, the red planet and Roman god of war. Red might feel bold, but choosing to stand out brings so much confidence! Incorporate it into your wardrobe or around your house and embrace your inner energy and strength.

women's red fortune pants

Taurus - Green

Taurus is tied to the earth, with the goddess planet Venus, also the goddess of love. Green is a color that inspires you to be centered, calm, and in tune with nature. Wearing green can help you welcome your connection to Mother Earth!

women's olive green fisherman pants

Gemini - Yellow

Yellow is symbolic of energy and happiness, and wearing it makes you seem open and kind. It’s a great power color to channel when you need a boost, and makes you easy to approach.

men's brown om pants

Cancer - White

Embrace serenity and peace. Wearing white can enhance your empathy and openness to others, bringing you closer to those around you. It’s a calming power color that is easy to embrace, especially in warmer months.

men's white serenity shirt

Leo - Gold

Gold is a luxurious, fiery color that has historically symbolized royalty and wealth. It makes you literally shine in a crowd, so wear it on those days that you want to stand out!

women's gold blossom pants

Virgo - Green

You’re an earth sign, and green is representative of your connection to nature. Embracing green in your daily life can help you feel more at ease with the world around you, especially on difficult days.

men's dark green evolution pants

Libra - Pink/Pastels

Libras are drawn to soft colors, especially pastel pinks and blues. You’re a dreamer, and incredibly creative. Your power color helps you focus those far off thoughts. Keep your head in the clouds and find a way to share your imagination with others.

women's pink feather pants

Scorpio - Scarlet

Scarlet, as with all red hues, brings out your natural intensity. Wearing your power color helps you connect with those passionate emotions, reminding you to put 100% into everything you do in life. If you carry yourself with strength and confidence whenever you enter a room other people can immediately tell you’re strong willed from the moment they meet you!

women's red thai pants

Sagittarius - Blue

You’re always seeking greater clarity, and taking the time to meditate and breathe is essential to centering yourself. Surrounding yourself with blue helps you reach that place of inner peace, and helps you carry that calm intellect with you throughout your day.

men's dark blue vibe pants

Capricorn - Black

Black obviously has some dark connotations, but to look at it as a negative is the wrong idea. Black makes you feel sophisticated and put together, and helps you get in tune with the depth of your thoughts and feelings. Black absorbs light, and you can apply this principle to your relationships - absorbing what other people have to say and taking it to heart.

women's black peacock pants

Aquarius - Turquoise

Turquoise is closely tied to water, a reminder of sunny days and soft waves. Turquoise is refreshing, and wearing it can inspire you to cleanse yourself of the bad energy and embrace the moment you’re in!

women's turquoise blossom pants

Pisces - Deep Blue

You’re a water sign, connected to the moon and the ocean. Deep blue helps you connect to the ebb and flow of your own emotions, embracing the ups and downs with a bit of grace and calm - just like the tide.

women's blue crystal pants

Looking for more guidance? Check out our product guide to help you decide which Hippie Pants are the best fit for you! 

Understanding Elephants in Thai Culture

The importance of the elephant in Thai culture and society dates back thousands of years, and is still closely tied to Thailand’s image today. Elephants are stunning animals, and their grace and strength have made them deeply symbolic in several cultures around the world. However, few places value the elephant more than Thailand. The two have become practically synonymous. Elephants have been invaluable assets in the construction of the past empires of Siam, where their great strength was utilized in labor and in battle. Today, the Thai navy still features the elephant on its flag.

elephant in forest

In Buddhist belief the mother of Buddha, Queen Maya, conceived her son with the aid of a white elephant. She knew in that moment that her child would be both pure and powerful. By law, all white elephants belong to the king. The white elephant is directly connected to Thai royalty. Elephants were war animals, and the more of them a king had to take into battle the more powerful he appeared. Additionally, if a king was unhappy with a member of his court he might gift them one of his white elephants. A “white elephant” creates an exceptional burden for its owner, with its cost greatly exceeding its value. The astronomical cost of taking care of one of these revered creatures could bankrupt even the wealthiest in society, because they were forbidden from being used for labor or productive purposes. This is where the expression “white elephant” comes from.

queen maya white elephant dream illustration

In 1900 there were over 100,000 elephants in Thailand. Sadly, today there are fewer than 4,000 domesticated elephants left, and fewer than 1,000 in the wild. They are seriously endangered. Logging has destroyed much of their wild habitat. Elephants are some of the smartest animals in the world, and their memories are exceptional. There are few species on earth that are more intelligent, and they are essential parts of the ecosystems that they live in.

For many people visiting Thailand a photo with an elephant is at the top of their list. However, elephants are in need of protection, and there are numerous groups devoted to educating tourists about ethical ways to interact with these endangered animals. Elephants can certainly be a part of your visit to Thailand, just be sure to know which sanctuaries to visit! There are many resources available for those who want to see Thai elephants. As exciting as it might be to interact with them, the best way to experience elephants might simply be to watch them.

elephants playing

The elephant is symbolic to billions of people across multiple faiths and cultures. The most well known is the association between elephants and mental strength, wisdom, and memory. In Buddhism, gray elephants symbolize a mind that has not yet achieved enlightenment. The mind still lacks control, and can cause harm to oneself. The white elephant is symbolic of the enlightened mind, at peace and in control. Samantabhadra, a bodhisattva, is depicted in Buddhist belief as riding a white elephant to guide people towards the Buddhist practice itself.  In the past it was also believed that the elephant could bring rain and good harvests.

At Hippie Pants we’ve included elephant patterns in a few of our products. We try to honor Thai tradition and culture in everything that we do, and incorporating the symbolism of the elephant was totally natural when designing our pants and bags. For those seeking wisdom and enlightenment, the elephant is a spirit animal that can help guide them down the right path. Keeping it close is a reminder to keep the mind calm and focused.  Those that are drawn to it are often intelligent and hold knowledge in high esteem.

brown elephant pants

These amazing animals have so much incredible meaning and history behind them, and they deserve to be honored and protected! The reason the elephant appears in so many designs and patterns is because people are drawn to its spirituality. It’s essential we continue to protect them so that their legacy can live on.

Do Buddhists Celebrate Christmas?

For Buddhists, especially those living in the western world, the holidays are a time of year when they’re often asked if they celebrate Christmas. While it might seem like the answer is obvious, in reality the two faiths are more connected than people realize. Their relationship goes back centuries, and the Christmas season has always been quite compatible with Buddhist beliefs. In the United States many practicing Buddhists celebrate Christmas in some form.

Christmas, especially if you grew up in the West, goes beyond its original importance as a religious holiday. People of many different faiths, and even no faith at all, celebrate the holiday. It seems to be everywhere you go from Thanksgiving until New Years. Many of its traditions have become somewhat separate from religion. While churches may be the most popular organizers of charitable movements during Christmas time, the general drive to give back during the month of December is felt by those of every faith. There is a sense of conclusion as the year comes to an end, and people are motivated to give back and start their new year off in a positive way.


jesus and buddha with earth in background

While the consumer aspects of Christmas go against Buddhist teaching, the spirit of Christmas is completely compatible. Buddhists easily take part in it, focusing on helping the needy and giving back to others. The Christmas season presents an opportunity to spend time with people of many different faiths, working side by side to do good.

Buddhism is not monotheistic, and as such does not put much emphasis on a single God or creator. Buddha himself is not a god. Christianity believes in one God made up of a holy trinity, and that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. While Buddhists do not believe he is God, they have traditionally held Jesus in high regard. Much of what he taught is very compatible with Buddhist teachings. He is considered a “Bodhisattva” - a Sanskrit word given to those who give up their own comfort in order to help those in need, and live a life of self-sacrifice. The book “Living Buddha, Living Christ” by Thich Nhat Hanh is an excellent book that looks at how Jesus and Buddha might have viewed each other’s spiritual beliefs. For Western Buddhists who grew up in traditionally Christian households it’s an excellent read.


hand holding canned food

Buddhists also celebrate their own important holiday on December 8th. Bodhi Day celebrates Buddha achieving enlightenment beneath a bodhi (fig) tree. In many Buddhist homes a fig tree is decorated in lights to commemorate this event. Fig trees are not always easy to get ahold of in places like the U.S., and some Buddhists use fur trees instead. For the entire month of December special meals are shared with families and cookies baked in the shapes of hearts (the shape of fig leaves) are given out to loved ones and neighbors. Gift giving is a good deed and spreads the positivity of the holiday.


buddha under fig tree painting

In Thailand, where 90% of the population is Buddhist, it might seem surprising to see Christmas decorations and hear Christmas songs playing in places like shopping centers. In reality, this open acceptance of a Christian celebration makes total sense within the Buddhist faith. Tolerance is a foundation of Buddhist beliefs. Understanding that people have different views, and accepting that completely, is necessary for any practicing Buddhist.

Additionally, the Thai people know how to celebrate! Any opportunity to take part in festivities is welcomed. They might not believe in Christmas as a religious day, but they can always have a good time. Some of this comes from the Thai concept of “sanuk,” basically meaning enjoyment, that defines Thai culture.

Buddhists strive to achieve Enlightenment and end the cycle of rebirth. Christians work to follow Christ’s teachings and the rules of the Bible in order to reach heaven. Buddhism is about inner reflection, while Christianity is about a God outside of oneself. However, both faiths advocate for very similar paths to achieve these goals: humility, charity, kindness, and selflessness. There are major differences, but they share the most basic principles. In the end, doing good brings happiness and positivity to people of all beliefs. Christmas is a wonderful time to be reminded of this. The diversity of its celebration makes it truly special!


ornament with christmas tree in background


Do you have a special way you celebrate Christmas? Do you incorporate other faiths or ideas? What does the spirit of Christmas mean to you?

All of us here at Hippie Pants hope that you have a wonderful, blessed holiday season! We hope that the goodness of the Christmas spirit inspires you this year to live life compassionately, not just in December but every day!

Why Hippie-Pants.com Doesn't Do Black Friday

The holiday season is upon us, which means that it’s once again time for the frantic gear-up to Black Friday and the ensuing Christmas shopping chaos. Everybody handles this time of year differently - for some the competition over the best deals and the midnight lines for super sales are a yearly highlight. Other people like to pretend it’s not happening at all. Many prefer to lurk online for sales opportunities, avoiding the insane midnight doorbuster crowds at all costs.

At Hippie Pants we’re asked each year if we plan to do any kind of special Black Friday sale. As a company we strongly believe that our prices should be fair to everybody involved. That means that we’re looking out for both our consumers and our producers. To maintain our standards we can’t offer steep discounts.

Black Friday seamstress


We love getting sales, and we work very hard to make sure that people love our products. We are so honored to hear back from customers who love their pants. However, we will never aggressively push promotions or encourage people to overconsume. It goes against everything we stand for.

We live in a capitalist society, and companies like ours are a part of that ecosystem. Consumerism, on the other hand, is not something we wish to be a part of. Consumerism pushes people to buy and buy. It has led to a huge reduction in quality goods and fueled the rise of abuse in the garment industry. Consumerism has created our present-day Black Friday, with stores now opening on Thanksgiving morning, depriving their employees of important family time. The same goes for online sales. Behind every big online blowout there are people working countless overtime hours during the holidays.

Button brown pants

Our business is built on sustainability. We’re a holistic company through and through. We have many hardworking employees making our clothes in Thailand, and we pay them fair wages for reasonable hours. We’ve been growing steadily since we started, and it’s our slow growth model that allows us to maintain that sustainable production style. Huge single-day promotions make that impossible.

We aren’t calling out any specific companies for their Black Friday promotions. There’s been a huge pushback recently to reduce promotional periods and give people back their holiday time. We’ve seen major retailers slowing things down. This is all because there are so many consumers out there who are concerned about the ethical implications of Black Friday. They’ve been demanding better practices. We want you to know we’re with you.

To stay true to our values and business style Black Friday doesn’t make much sense for us. We know that our customers buy our products because of our commitment to ethical, quality clothing. We’re going to continue to provide that. It’s up to all of us to stick to our values to promote positive change in the industry.

Man wearing dark gray om pants sitting on a chair

Our promise to you is this: our prices will always be fair. Not just on special occasions. Our 2017 consumer prices are exactly the same as they were in 2016. We never add any extra fees at checkout for shipping or choice of payment method. We are committed to maintaining a happy balance between fair trade and fair prices. We’ve built all that in to the prices we show you on every item page. We want you to be able to access our products no matter where in the world you live!

We don’t doubt that our customers understand why we aren’t participating in Black Friday, but we felt it was important to explain our stance and hopefully provoke some thought on this yearly event. Have a happy holiday season!

Thai Reflexology: Discover Its Origins and Healing Powers

At Hippie Pants we are always working to educate and promote every aspect of Thailand, beyond just the clothes that we sell. Thailand is a major destination for those seeking alternative healing and health benefits, with Thai massage having quickly become one of the most popular and influential massage techniques in the world. The tradition is over 2,500 years old, and has become a very visible part of Thailand’s culture and image. The Thai Ministry of Health even oversees and regulates the ancient practice so that it is held to the same standard across the country, and assuring people continue to flock to Thailand to be educated by experienced practitioners. Body massage techniques, however, are only one aspect of this amazing therapy. Thai foot reflexology is a centuries old practice that focuses on the feet to heal the entire body. For those who don't know much about reflexology it can be an entirely new way to find comfort and healing.

feet recieving thai reflexology massage

Thai foot reflexology was created over the centuries as Chinese, Korean, Indian, and Japanese techniques gradually influenced its development, and its exact origins are unclear. By the time Buddhism arrived in Thailand, massage was already an important pillar of local medicine. The temples were places of education, where medicine and massage techniques were taught to both monks and outsiders. Becoming an expert took years of study and practice.


Reflexology focuses on the feet as a channel for healing the entire body. The basic principle of reflexology is that the feet are a map of the entire body, and by relaxing specific parts of the feet other parts of the body can be healed. According to acupuncture theorists the feet have 7,200 sensory nerve endings, and each of these nerve endings can communicate with different organs. Specific areas of the feet, called reflex areas, can be stimulated in order to heal corresponding internal organs.

foot reflexology reflex area illustration


The main logic behind reflexology is that by stimulating these nerve endings the body can find balance. The therapist uses their hands and fingers as well as a small wooden implement. It isn’t always the most comfortable experience, but getting the body in tune is the most important thing! Recipients are often in awe of how much more relaxed and calm they feel afterward.

Traditional Thai massage and foot reflexology make for a brilliant combination, targeting the entire body holistically. The massage balances the mind and external body while reflexology stimulates the internal organs, producing an incredibly deep and unique sense of relaxation and well-being.

thai foot reflexologist using stick to target reflex area

Beyond relaxation and balance, reflexology also helps with blood circulation, as well as mental alertness. It disperses the built up calcium and uric acid crystals in the body. It can also help with a variety of conditions such as stress, chronic pain, allergies, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, and digestive and gastrointestinal problems.

The most traditional place in Thailand to learn foot reflexology is Wat Pho in Bangkok, home to the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School. If you’re visiting, don’t forget to try both types of massage (traditional and reflexology) and share your experience with us!

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Multifunctional and Multifaceted: Boho Thai Hippie Pants for Summer fun!

Whether you are going on a trip to the beach, going to a festival, meditating, doing yoga, or just lounging around Thai hippie pants are the most versatile pant you can possibly wear. 

If you are looking to pack a suitcase and have multi-functioning clothes, the hippie pants are a must. They are lightweight, functional, with pockets, and fully flexible to be able to jump, run and play all day! 

Here are a few different approaches and trends to wear that we Thai pant experts recommend. 

Nature Lover Look:

Thai Pants in Nature

It is easy to connect to nature when wearing natural fibers. This picture encapsulates the softness of the environment and the subtlety of the experience being in solitude. You can almost hear the birds chirping! Wearing accessories like stones and silver, only add to the outfit and creates a full bodied appearance. Though, the quietness of nature means wardrobe choice still looks both high fashion and clean with little effort and minimal additions. A simple neutral tank and bare feet are all you need to bring the whole set together. 

Fun and Fresh Festival Style:

Man Jumping in Thai Om Pants

When you want to rock out and dance while still looking fashionable, jump into these Om pants for your next festival. Festivals happen all around the world and these pants are universal and incredibly comfortable. Lightweight pants are exactly what you want for long days of dancing and walking around in the heat.

The picture above shows the tribal boho patterns in his pants that are perfect to meet your new tribe at the festival. No need to have tattoos to pull this off, too ;). You can add head scarves, jewelry, and fun feathers in your hair and be fully ready for whatever comes your way at your next festival or party. 

What is your favorite Festival this summer? Going to LalaPalooza or Burning Man?


Boho orange thai pants

She is wearing the perfect pant to carry her phone and money in her pocket while accessorizing with cute additions! She has a braided scarf accessory to brighten up the mood and neutral toned sandals and tank to keep cool in the heat all day. Festivals can be taxing and it is essential to wear lightweight and airy clothing to stay cool. Rayon cotton pants are perfect for walking around all day. There is no need to choose comfort over style when you simply can have both! 

Yoga/Meditation Zen Style:

Wide Leg Yoga Balance Posture


Stretch in style with fun patterns and fresh looks. Feel the boho god/goddess within while hip opening or doing a warrior one. Ground yourself in the grass barefoot and feel the softness of the fabrics on your body. It is an etheric and mind-altering experience when dressing in Thai pants to do yoga because it is both aligned physically in your practices and body while spiritually fulfilling in your wardrobe. It is excellent to endorse and support slow-fashion when you want to connect deeper in your personal practice. 

Women in meditation seated pose


Meditation and calm commence in your body as you melt and ease into your surroundings. This model above in her trance fully authenticates this experience. Wearing purples, indigos, and pinks are known to connect deeper to a higher spiritual space in your mind, as they are colors of the higher chakras. When you want to listen to your mind you don't want to be feeling scratchy or heavy materials. The lighter and more breathable the materials are, the easier it is to calm the mind and relax into your consciousness. Inhale into these free form pants and exhale all your worries away and get these blue chang pants


Now that you have been inspired to set your clothing intentions and new practices into your life, go get the wardrobe to match! Start with Thai hippie pants and you will have yourself set for all the occasions to start building an uplifting life that is significant and pleasurable. You deserve it!

Yoga and Thai Hippie Pants: Synergy and Harmony through Movement

Since the inception of the Hippie Pants brand, we have always connected our pants with the practice of yoga. It is an effortless association in our minds to connect the comfort of our materials to the inter-dimensional practice of yoga, both in the spirit and body. 

Yoga balance and harmony

However, the connection is runs deeper. There are parallels in our overarching values and principles instilled in our business and those involved in the practice of yoga. Slow fashion, of which we are proponent, can be viewed similarly to the progression of an individual's journey through their own practice of yoga, to be mindful through each step as we grow in our lives and bodies. When we slow down on our path, we are able to be a witness to every step of our journey and engage every aspect of our life. Our ability to have personal control and external awareness is deeply ingrained to our lifestyle as well as our business principles

Initially, yoga asana practices (the exercise movements that we most commonly equate with yoga today) were created merely as a gateway to a stronger and more blissful meditation practice. Hatha yoga was the first practice in this creation to calm the body's nervous system so that the meditational practice would still the mind. 

Origin yoga

Nowdays, we have multitudes of varieties of yoga, from more inward calm classes like yoga nidrayin yoga, and meditation to more high intensity and energetic classes like vinyasa, ashtanga, and aerial yoga classes) Yoga has definitely become an amazing vessel for connecting us to our breath and has been a stress reducer for our chaotic whirlwinds and hectic lifestyles. The physical practice itself tones our muscles, aligns our structure, increases flexibility, integrates our breath into our nervous systems, and aids in circulation. Just to practice the more strenuous exercises in our Thai pants allows you to feel graceful and flexible while connecting to the worldly art of yoga.  

But, some of the most intriguing aspects of yoga lie within the spiritual transformations that yoga influences consciously through daily practice, conscious breathing work, and attending to our physical body and internal organs. As the practice intensifies so does the expansion of the awareness of how we can correlate to ourselves. Through meditational guides, yoga teaches principles of healthy digestion, better respiratory systems, calming of the nervous system, and overall harmony of every function in our human body. As yoga in Sanskrit roughly translates to 'unity' or 'joining together', it's essence is truly to merge mind, body, and spirit to create a blissful way of life.  

Brown Chang Pants

Clothing has a huge impact on the mobility and comfort during any corporal art form and the case is true for yoga too. Wearing natural and loose fibers both allows the practice to be fluid and gently hints at the morals and values of yoga through representation in the patterns of the clothing worn. Thai pants have an elastic waist to easily move from pose to pose without getting caught and to avoid slippage. They also have elasticated ankles to avoid slippage when either or both legs are in elevated positions. As well as feeling beautiful and connected to ones own movements, it is essential not to be bothered by shifting clothing or scratchy fibers 

Part of our inner beauty is feeling beautiful and, wlthough just the beginning, by wearing beautiful and stylish clothing we begin to work on authenticity and self-worth. If the mind does not want to stop thinking about how we look, it will not be able to grow to the degree it is possible. Thai hippie pants allow that expansion to be effortless and tasteful. The design, vegan materials, functionality, and values behind the pants allow our inward beauty to be represented outwardly- now, it is in full harmony and high functioning. 

Black crystal hippie pants

We believe in the constant search for a more mindful and healthy lifestyle where knowledge and fullness in life are embraced and attainable. We nurture healthy routine, compassion, and understanding. And, as our pants are brought to you straight from Thailand, a place long known as the 'Land of Smiles', we hope that a little more peace and happiness can be spread worldwide.  

Please visit our about us page, to learn more about our values and how we work, as we aspire to be part of your conscious wardrobe rather than than just another piece of clothing. Thai Pants, more than apparel or fashion, are a representation of a richer, intentional and present lifestyle.

Where does cotton come from?

Soft and breathable. Fluffy and light. Pure and natural. When you hear the word "cotton", what comes to mind?

Whatever imagery the word evokes, cotton is an important fiber cultivated and utilized in clothing around the world.  In addition to its versatility and utility, cotton represents a 7,000-year history of human innovation and adaptation.

The history of cotton

The history of fabric, textiles and fashion is interlinked with cotton- in fact, cotton is rooted in the Arabic word "khutun" literally meaning "textile". While our concept of cotton varies depending on our culture and general knowledge of textiles, one thing is certain; cotton is used everywhere. It has a long history of providing comfort and protection to people as light, breathable clothing. And while human innovation and industry has altered the way in which cotton is processed, its utility is nothing new. Some of the earliest evidence of cotton was found in the form of threads located in a copper bead dated back to the 6th millennium. Today, cotton remains the primary fiber in a myriad of fabrics around the world.

Cotton boll. Photo by Michael Bass Deschenes

What is cotton?

Cotton is a natural, versatile fiber derived from shrubs and trees of the genus Gossypium, a word the originated from the Arabic word goz, meaning “soft substance”. The Gossypium plants produce white flowers which transform into pink, blue and purple before falling off. During this transformative process, the boll of the plant containing the cotton fiber forms. Eventually the boll splits open and dries, revealing approximately 500,000 soft, white cotton fibers called lint. These fibers are the basic form used to create the wide variety of fabrics utilized today. Cotton is transformed into a thread and then a purposeful product, including clothing and linens. It is renowned for soft feel, breathable wear and versatile style. 

Cotton flower. Photo credit: Benjamint444- Own work, GFDL 1.2, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13334142 

Approximately 43 species of cotton grow around the world, but only five are harvested and used commercially: American Upland, American Pima, Asiatic, Egyptian and Sea-Island. All of these plants share the same basic characteristics, but each has small variations based on their growing process, location and method of harvesting. Cotton is grown and harvested in warm climates and is exported to countries around the world.

 How is cotton made?

The process of making cotton involves multiple steps and is defined by transformation. The lint from the cotton plant is collected and taken to a manufacturing plant where it is cleaned and combined, forming a large cotton fluff. The cleaned cotton fluff is then straightened and stretched to form a rope-like sliver. The newly formed sliver is placed onto a spinning frame, where it is transformed into yarn fibers.

The yarn fibers are then placed on a machine known as a loom, which weaves the fibers together to produce a specified fabric. Finally, the unmarked fabric, appropriately called “grey goods”, is transported to a finishing plant where it is bleached, preshrunk, and dyed. The dyed cloth is treated with a finish, and then the fabric is transformed into the soft, light clothing for people to wear. Cotton is especially popular in the tropical climate of Thailand due to its light feel, breathability and protection from the elements.  

Cotton fabric. Photo credit: RButi

Cotton is vegan-friendly

Cotton plants provide more than fibers to make cloth, they are also vegan friendly. It is a great option for vegans as it is naturally derived from plants and avoids using animal products during its cultivation and production.

In summary, cotton goes beyond a fluffy concept - it is a historic fiber that continues to play a vital role in our clothing, culture and world. It is ubiquitous and found in every nation, and simultaneously unique, as it is dyed and processed to create culturally specific clothing and style. Without the cotton plant and the process of transforming it, our clothing and world would not be as colorful, comfortable and fashionable as it is. So, next time you hear the word “cotton” or read it on a clothing label, remember that this ancient fiber carries a rich history, as well as being the soft, breathable fabric used around the world.

Make a pregnancy glow even brighter with authentic Thai harem pants

Pregnancy is an incredible time for many soon-to-be parents. If you are an expectant parent or a person looking for the perfect unique gift, check out our collection of Thai pants. Our varieties of Thai pants are a perfect blend of style, utility, comfort that will support you or your loved one through the changes and challenges of pregnancy.

Glowing in Thai harem pants. Photo credit @RatiButr

Thai pants are functional during and after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of immense change for the body. Many women purchase specialized maternity clothes to accommodate their changing figures, only to not use the clothes again when the pregnancy is complete. A new you does not have to equate to a new wardrobe! Thai pants offer the unique function of being awesome during pregnancy as well as after, offering a flattering, stylish look. You won’t need to store them in a box for later or donate them to a charity shop- they continue to be functional, stylish and comfortable no matter what life stage you are exploring.

Thai pants are comfortable

Thai pants give any mother the comfort and space needed during pregnancy recovery. Every pair is made of soft, durable cotton that adjusts and flows with your body. The design of the pants are free from any annoying buttons or zippers that can press on scar tissue and take up your valuable time. They are flattering during and after pregnancy, and perhaps most important, easy to get in and out of!

Live in comfort with Thai pants. Photo credit @RatiButr

Thai pants make a statement

Thai pants are uniquely designed by artisans in Thailand. The bright color and design blends represent style and Thai culture, and always make a statement. Pregnancy is a time for change, but no one needs to lose their style! Thai pants allow you to explore your personal style and branch out into a different fashion - equipped with color and comfort. Not into the the peacock pants design? Try out the classic style instead! The pants are also versatile and can be used in a variety of situations, from going out on the town to lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday.

 Thai pants are stylish and versatile. Photo credit @RatiButr

Thai pants are great during and after pregnancy

Thai Pants are functional during and after pregnancy. The elastic waist can be pulled up and adjusted to become a jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is stylish and comfortable while allowing effortless access to breast-feed. The pant tie allows for increased security by tying comfortably around the neck.

Thai pants can be transformed into jumpsuits. Photo credit @RatiButr


Tie and transform with the waist ban. Photo credit @RatiButr

Thai pants give you something to feel good about

Thai pants exemplify comfort, utility and a unique Thai style. Extra bonus - they are also vegan and eco-friendly. Every pair purchased supports local artisans in Thailand, upholds the Fair Trade promise and is kind to the environment. Thai pants look good, feel good and give you a reason to feel good about treating yourself and supporting ethical causes.


Our collection of Thai pants are always ready to help you find your flow and promote comfort during and well after pregnancy.

Temples at your fingertips: the iconic Thai temples on baht coins

People are, more than ever, focused on money. Our focus on the value of money can be so great that we fail to recognize the elaborate art and symbolism that each monetary note represents to a culture. Consider when you travel to a new country with unfamiliar currency- you may be preoccupied with identifying the value each coin or bill represents, and fail to observe the symbolism each piece carries. In Thailand, every coin represents both monetary and cultural value.

The Beauty of the Baht

Thai money is aesthetically pleasing- the bills are comprised of various colors and designs, and the coins are equally elaborate. Thailand has a repertoire of six coins (4 baht and 2 satang)- each adorned with a famous Thai temple. In this sense, each coin represents more than a pad thai or Chang beer- it represents the value of temples in Thai culture.

Integral Thai Temples

Temples (called “wats” in Thai) are integral to Thai society and represent the Buddhism practiced by the majority of the population. Historically, temples were a place of religious worship and community education, including teaching pupils to read, write and develop culturally vital artisan skills such as mural painting and sculpture. The importance of temples is evident by sheer numbers- Thailand is home to over 40,000 temples around the country. Out of thousands of temples, the six most iconic made the cut to be on the coins.

Cultural Coins

Which baht coins hold which temples? Explore below to find out more about the temples and their cultural significance.

1-baht coin. Photo Credit @RatiButr

1. The 1-baht coin is garnished with the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). This temple is considered the most important in all of Thailand, and is visited by thousands of people everyday. Located on the grounds of the world famous Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew houses an image of Buddha carved entirely from a jade stone block. This Buddha is revered as palladium (an object that provides safety and protection) for Thailand, and is important as a national and historic symbol.

2-baht coin. Photo credit @RatiButr

2. The 2-baht coin has two designs: a silver one and a brass colored version. Flip the coin to reveal the temple of the Golden Mount (Wat Saket), located in Bangkok. The Wat Saket is one of Thailand’s oldest temples. The iconic “golden mount” is an 80-meter tall chedi that was once the highest point in Bangkok. The chedi houses relics of the Buddha brought from India.

5-baht coin.  Photo Credit @RatiButr

3. The 5-baht coin is adorned with the the Marble Temple (Wat Benjamabophit, which means fifth King in Thai). The temple was constructed in 1899 during the reign of King Rama V and is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. The ordination hall is constructed from Italian marbles slabs, which have lead to the temple being earning its name: the "Marble Temple".


10-baht coin. Photo Credit @RatiButr

4. The 10-baht coin is distinctive, with a brass colored center surrounded by a silver ring. It is appropriately adorned The Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun or locally known as Wat Chaeng) a striking temple located near the Chao Phraya River. Compared to other temples, Wat Arun is known for its unique architecture, particularly its colorful spires. Its location on the river allows for breathtaking sunrises. It is named after the Hindu god Aruna, who is commonly represented as light rays from the rising sun.

Temples are Invaluable 

Community life in Thailand continues to be centered around its many unique temples. The temples represent a significance to Thailand's past and present culture, as they offer a modern place to gather and worship under significant historic relics and architecture. Unlike the coins they are depicted on, the temples will continue to be invaluable sites to Thai society and culture.