What is Rayon and is it a good material for clothes?

24 September 2015

What is Rayon and is it a good material for clothes?

As you might have read on our product descriptions, some of our pants are made with rayon cotton, but do you know what that means? In this post we will tell you everything you need to know about our favored material. We should start by understanding that rayon cotton is a type of fiber developed through a process that takes natural raw materials, such as cellulose (wood pulp) to produce a fabric very similar to cotton or linen.

Originally developed in France towards the end of the 19th century, rayon gained traction in the textile world due to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and similarity to other types of fibers already popular with consumers. It is interesting to note that despite being a fiber developed through manmade processes, the use of natural raw materials gives rayon clothes characteristics not usually associated with developed fabric such as natural comfort and high breathability. As such, it is a much more attractive option than synthetic fabrics. 

Soft and comfortable

Rayon is a fabric which is very soft to the touch, ideal for clothing that prioritizes comfort. It is also very light and breezy, a type of material that does not stick to the body even in hot or humid climates and drops naturally over the wearer.

Breathable and resistant

Unlike some other fabrics, rayon actually allows air to pass through it, in other words, it breathes. Its fibers leaves sufficient space between its strands to allow air to flow back and forth. Due to this property, it is often used for sports or summer clothes providing freshness and comfort in warm conditions. Studies show that rayon absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton, which allows sweat to be absorbed and quickly evaporated on hot days.


Since rayon is produced from renewable cellulosic plants such as beech trees, pine trees, and bamboo it can be considered eco friendly. All of these trees can be grown sustainably and the resulting rayon is fully biodegradable.

Care and maintenance

As it is considered a delicate fabric, abrasions should be avoided. Care instructions will usually recommend rayon not be tumble dried. Rayon clothing should, wherever possible, be washed by hand, by dry cleaning or machine washed on a cold water, delicate cycle. It also helps to use a chlorine-free bleach.

You can check out the final result in our online catalogue, all our pants are rayon cotton except for our elephant, fisherman and ocean pants, which are made of pure cotton.


Here at Hippie Pants, we try to offer products that combine quality, beauty and comfort, and rayon cotton helps us achieve all of this at once. It allows us to concentrate on design and creativity knowing that comfort and softness is guaranteed.


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