How to wear Palazzo Pants

by Hippie Pants Team on May 13, 2021

 How to wear Palazzo Pants

If you've been paying any kind of attention to the fashion world recently, you'll see that palazzo trousers are very much coming back in right now. Wide leg palazzo pants were hugely popular in the 60s and early 70s and for good reason: that boho lifestyle was free from fashion rules! Palazzo pants are coming back and as they're stylish, comfortable and versatile, you'll be able to put together a stylish palazzo pants outfit that will work for you whoever you are. If you're stuck for ideas for how to wear palazzo pants to their maximum, then you should take a look at the options we've got for you below.


So, What Are Palazzo Pants?

These amazing floaty pants are long women's trousers that are designed to have an extremely wide leg. They're perfect for summer days and can be worn casually or for the office. They're also perfect for boho hippie looks offering flowing fabrics that remain breathable in the heat.


Palazzo Pants: Floaty Features!

Palazzo pants

The comfort of palazzo pants come down to their loose cut and free flow. The legs of palazzo trousers will swirl around your legs as you walk and you will gain a graceful flare to your already beautiful figure. The styling may be loose, but it's generally considered a modest style as they flare from the hip. Palazzo pants can also be so loose that they look more like a maxi skirt than a pair of palazzo trousers, and this offers more versatility. The waistline is usually worn standard, but you can get high-waist or low-rise options. You can also find styles that are close fitting with either button or zipper closures. You can even find some palazzos with elasticated waists, allowing a gentler feel around your mid region.


Are Palazzo Pants Right For You?

Some women believe that they need to be modelesque in their figures to pull off palazzo trousers, but it's definitely not the case. This is a myth that is easily debunked because whether you are flaunting your curves or not, palazzo trousers will suit you. All you have to do is make the best of your silhouette, and whether you are short and curvy or tall or willowy, you can choose a bolder design or bright color that compliments you well. Choose the right top to wear with your wide leg palazzo pants, and you will be able to wear the combined look with confidence.


What Tops to Wear With Palazzo Pants?

Tops and Palazzo Pants

The best thing about palazzo pants are their versatility. You can pair them with a casual top or a tucked in shirt for the office. You can make a tshirt more dressy with palazzo pants by tucking it in and adding a wide belt with a buckle, too. If you want to give your palazzo trousers some style, try adding a crop top! Even the high-waisted palazzo pants will look fantastic, and remember a crop top gives the illusion of more height. If you're a girl who wants to add some length to her torso, it's the way to go! Palazzo pants can feel pretty hippie given their flowy movement and their lean to an easy lifestyle. Adding a plain top can help to tone down the pants while still keeping a relaxed, casual vibe. Consider adding a short jacket over the top of your shirt of choice, if you want to look relaxed and stylish all at once.


What Shoes Work Best With Palazzo Pants?

The palazzo trousers you choose are the shining star of your outfit, but that doesn't mean that you can't find the right shoes to make your palazzo pants look even more stunning. The best bit about wearing palazzo trousers is that you can add anything from elegant high heels to cork mules and still make the trousers look fantastic. Low sandals are a great option if you want something comfortable that embraces casual chic or go youthful by adding a pair of sneakers to the palazzo pants. Remember your choice of footwear may not be completely visible due to the flared legs.

Shoes with palazzo pants


Accessories, Anyone?

If you want to top up your palazzo pants outfit, consider pairing your favorite pants with handbags, jewelry and even pretty watches to make your outfit stand out. Choose tote bags or cross-body bags for a boho look or, for a more elegant look, why not combine with a clutch bag! Big chunk jewelry options are always great with palazzo trousers as they can make your outfit pop. Add on some long, tassel earrings and stacked bracelets, and you're going to watch your outfit develop into the perfect style for you. Still unsure? Embrace your boho chick and try your first palazzo pants today!


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