Multifunctional and Multifaceted: Boho Thai Hippie Pants for Summer fun!

03 August 2017

Multifunctional and Multifaceted: Boho Thai Hippie Pants for Summer fun!

Whether you are going on a trip to the beach, going to a festival, meditating, doing yoga, or just lounging around Thai hippie pants are the most versatile pant you can possibly wear. 

If you are looking to pack a suitcase and have multi-functioning clothes, the hippie pants are a must. They are lightweight, functional, with pockets, and fully flexible to be able to jump, run and play all day! 

Here are a few different approaches and trends to wear that we Thai pant experts recommend. 

Nature Lover Look:

Thai Pants in Nature

It is easy to connect to nature when wearing natural fibers. This picture encapsulates the softness of the environment and the subtlety of the experience being in solitude. You can almost hear the birds chirping! Wearing accessories like stones and silver, only add to the outfit and creates a full bodied appearance. Though, the quietness of nature means wardrobe choice still looks both high fashion and clean with little effort and minimal additions. A simple neutral tank and bare feet are all you need to bring the whole set together. 

Fun and Fresh Festival Style:

Man Jumping in Thai Om Pants

When you want to rock out and dance while still looking fashionable, jump into these Om pants for your next festival. Festivals happen all around the world and these pants are universal and incredibly comfortable. Lightweight pants are exactly what you want for long days of dancing and walking around in the heat.

The picture above shows the tribal boho patterns in his pants that are perfect to meet your new tribe at the festival. No need to have tattoos to pull this off, too ;). You can add head scarves, jewelry, and fun feathers in your hair and be fully ready for whatever comes your way at your next festival or party. 

What is your favorite Festival this summer? Going to LalaPalooza or Burning Man?


Boho orange thai pants

She is wearing the perfect pant to carry her phone and money in her pocket while accessorizing with cute additions! She has a braided scarf accessory to brighten up the mood and neutral toned sandals and tank to keep cool in the heat all day. Festivals can be taxing and it is essential to wear lightweight and airy clothing to stay cool. Rayon cotton pants are perfect for walking around all day. There is no need to choose comfort over style when you simply can have both! 

Yoga/Meditation Zen Style:

Wide Leg Yoga Balance Posture


Stretch in style with fun patterns and fresh looks. Feel the boho god/goddess within while hip opening or doing a warrior one. Ground yourself in the grass barefoot and feel the softness of the fabrics on your body. It is an etheric and mind-altering experience when dressing in Thai pants to do yoga because it is both aligned physically in your practices and body while spiritually fulfilling in your wardrobe. It is excellent to endorse and support slow-fashion when you want to connect deeper in your personal practice. 

Women in meditation seated pose


Meditation and calm commence in your body as you melt and ease into your surroundings. This model above in her trance fully authenticates this experience. Wearing purples, indigos, and pinks are known to connect deeper to a higher spiritual space in your mind, as they are colors of the higher chakras. When you want to listen to your mind you don't want to be feeling scratchy or heavy materials. The lighter and more breathable the materials are, the easier it is to calm the mind and relax into your consciousness. Inhale into these free form pants and exhale all your worries away and get these blue chang pants


Now that you have been inspired to set your clothing intentions and new practices into your life, go get the wardrobe to match! Start with Thai hippie pants and you will have yourself set for all the occasions to start building an uplifting life that is significant and pleasurable. You deserve it!

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