What is vegan clothing and why does it matter?

15 November 2016

What is vegan clothing and why does it matter?

These days it is pretty unlikely you haven't ever heard the word "vegan". Searches for the word vegan and related terms have doubled and tripled over the past few years, according to Google Trends. The number of people switching to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle have been increasing by the thousands worldwide. More restaurants are implementing vegan menus and new fully vegan restaurants are popping up. Still, while you might know that vegans avoid bacon and cheese, you might not know a lot about vegan clothing and how it fits in to the vegan lifestyle.

Vegans try to live a life that avoids the exploitation of animals, wherever is possible and as much as is possible. Most vegans see veganism as a way of life rather than a diet (people who just avoid animal products for health reasons say they are on a "plant based diet). That means rethinking not just the food we put in our mouths but also other things such as our forms of entertainment and the clothes we choose to wear. 

But what's not vegan about clothing? Well, unfortunately many of the most common materials used for clothing these days are made from animal parts. Leather is usually made from cow hides or the hides of other animals. Wool comes from sheep (or cashmere from goats and angora from rabbits). Silk is actually made by moth caterpillars. All these options are not considered eco-friendly, and of course not friendly to the animals who are being killed or used for the materials.

Luckily those aren't the only options for our clothing materials. Cotton, a popular material in the textile industry, is made from plant material, as is rayon, which is becoming a more popular alternative to materials made from animals. While cotton is picked and spun from the cotton plant, rayon is actually made from wood pulp and other plant fibers. Rayon can actually imitate the texture of wool or silk - no animals needed! Cotton and rayon are both animal-friendly, eco-friendly materials that luckily are also very comfortable and breathable. 

Today more and more people are realizing that they can live a vegan lifestyle in comfort and ease. Even if you aren't fully committed to living a vegan lifestyle, you can reduce the amount of animal products you consume without hurting your comfort level. Such a move is kinder to the environment, the animals and ourselves.  


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