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How to Care for Your Thai Pants

Congratulations on your new pair of Thai Pants! Each pair is made by hand from cotton and rayon cotton materials. In order to maintain the style, comfort and quality of your pants, it is essential to treat them with the appropriate care. Please follow the directions below in order to maintain the original feel of your Thai Pants and care for them properly.

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How to care for your Thai Pants

What you need:

  • Warm or cold water
  • A bucket, bowl or sink
  • Clean, light-colored towel
  • Organic detergents
  1. Once you have the items above, fill your bucket, bowl or sink with warm water and detergent. Read the label or instructions with your clothing to ensure appropriate amount of detergent.

  2. Submerge you pants in the water and gently swirl them around to distribute the detergent.

  3. Allow pants to soak for 10 to 20 minutes. Do not leave the pants longer than 20 minutes, as excessive soaking may affect the fabric.

  4. Once the pants have soaked, swirl them around for up to 3 minutes. Note that the length of time depends on how soiled the pants are.

  5. After swirling, remove the pants and change the soapy water to fresh, clean water.

  6. Submerge the pants again to rinse them, pressing the pants gently into the sides of the bucket or bowl. Repeat rinsing process up to 2 times if pants appear to be soapy.

  7. Remove the pants from the water and gently squeeze to remove excess water. Place the pants on a clean towel and press/squeeze to remove even more water.

  8. Hang the pants in a shaded area to dry.

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Whoa! Wait! How do you hand wash something?

Don’t panic! Hand washing is simple. If you're not sure you can find out more here.

Why should I wash my Thai Pants by hand?

The breathability of Thai pants is derived from the breathable, light fabric. Washing Thai pants in a washing machine runs the risk of damaging and/or ripping the fabric. Hot water may shrink the pants. Therefore, it is vital to use warm or cold water to maintain the shape of the pants. Don’t worry, stains and dirt will be removed without hot water! Just remember that the delicacy of the fabric requires gentle care.

Why do I need to dry my Thai pants away from sunlight?

Each pair of Thai pants is authentically handmade with vibrant colors, embroidery and detail. Drying the pants in the sun may seem tempting, but harsh sunlight may fade the vibrant colors in the fabric and ultimately reduce the lifespan of the pants.

This process sounds time consuming. Is there a way I can dry my Thai Pants quickly?

The breathable flow of Thai Pants allows them to air-dry quickly. The process may sound time-consuming, but once you try it you will realize it is simple, fast and better for your pants. You may even start to wash other clothing this way!

Should I care for cotton pants differently?

No. Cotton pants should be washed with the same gentle care.

Should I use a specific kind of detergent?

Thai Pants are animal and eco-friendly. In order to support this effort, we recommend using organic laundry detergent soap, as it does not contain potentially harmful ingredients like phosphate, chlorine and other additives. This detergent is also eco-friendly and gentle on the skin.