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The Future of Ethnic Clothing

by Hippie Pants on September 17, 2015

Ethnic fashion bag

An ongoing trend that doesn't show signs of stopping is ethnic clothing. The Western fashion world has aggressively adopted everything from true native, quase-native, and neo-native material, designs and looks of tribal culture. And they have been integrated them onto almost every clothing accessory you can imagine. From jewellery to pants, dresses and shoes, nothing has escaped.

The same is true of the cultural inspiration. From the icy Andes to the tribes of Africa, almost every indigenous pattern has been found and applied to fashion in varying grades of authenticity. So where will it go from here? Will ethnic clothing die away or will it develop into something else?

Fashion magazines have focused so much of their work in recent years on covering ethnic looks that the style has now become a fundamental part of clothing culture around the world. It is also simultaneously developing in different directions. This means that as a genre, it is unlikely to disappear in the near future. Rather it will morph and develop into newer, more diverse, more obscure applications as well as enjoying waves of second dawns of retro-ethnic.

Thai Ethnic patterns

Thai ethnic patterns from

Ethnic clothing is already no longer a style per se, it is more of a general clothing culture which can be used to highlight small accessories and details or delved into and explored. Indeed you could say there are identifiable sub-cultures within the umbrella of ethnic clothing and Thai pants would be one clear example of such a niche. Some people use them as a highlight to otherwise generic clothes and others incorporate it into a fuller expression of lifestyle seeing them as a natural fit with either dance, yoga, alternative lifestyle, bohemian pursuits, nature or healthy living culture.

Changes over the next few years will bring newer ways to combine Thai pants with other items of clothing as well as new types of people taking to them.

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