Introducing the newest product at hippie-pants: The Comfort Pants

03 August 2015

Introducing the newest product at hippie-pants: The Comfort Pants

Another product launch at! It's time to unveil our Comfort pants in our online store .

As you can see, Comfort pants have a different cut from the other models. This piece has tighter modeling than the others without losing their comfort, which is characteristic of all our products.

Our Comfort pants, just like the other models in our collection, are handmade and are ideal for an easygoing, ethnic look. Available in four colors - green, brown, gray, black and gold – this piece of clothing is versatile and you will find it a great option for everyday use.  

In addition to its different cut, the Comfort pants have a more resistant fabric, which makes them the ideal choice for activities that require more movement such as biking, dancing and parkour, as well as yoga and pilates, of course. 

Our mission here at Hippie-pants is to offer you a bit of the culture and good energy of Thailand, and so we look for inspiration in some important elements of the country's culture when designing our pants. The Comfort pants include discreet prints of Thai elephants, also known as' Chang Thai ', in its pattern. These animals, which can be found in the forests of the region, are so important to the country that they have become the official symbol of the nation. White elephants are also considered sacred and are a good omen and a symbol of prosperity in the kingdom.

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