Introducing Peacock Pants, our latest Thai Hippie Pants!

15 July 2015

Introducing Peacock Pants, our latest Thai Hippie Pants!

Brown Thai Peacock Pants

It is with great pleasure that we announce another new product in our online store, Peacock pants! Our new pants present the luxurious beauty of peacock feathers and the millennial Buddhist symbology and try to convey to you some of the good vibes that make this creature so loved and revered in Thailand.

In Buddhist tradition, the peacock has a very important significance; it is known as the animal that survives even after swallowing toxic or venomous foods. It is as if it has the power to transform negative power into captivating beauty thereby inspiring all and everything around it. And so, we too can learn to generate positive sentiments even when faced with hatred, fear and ignorance, and learn from our negatives in order to become more enlightened. 

We created the Peacock pants, with this message in mind. Its design shows the beauty of peacock feathers in a lively way and its cut is perfect for those who want comfort without compromising on style. In fact, it is great for yoga, pilates and dance classes, road trips or flights as well as day to day activities such as taking a walk in the city or perhaps just a casual meeting among friends.

You can also be creative and find new ways to wear the pants, try raising the waistband to cover your entire body and transform them into hip jumpsuits. Due to the smocked, elasticated waist and the baggy cut, this style of hippie pants is also recommended for pregnant women.

Like all products from us here at Hippie Pants, the Peacock pants are artisanal, produced in partnership with local producers in Thailand in accordance with our policies of fair trade and free freight so you can buy without worrying about extra taxes or surcharges – when you complete your order, the price you see is the price you pay.

This is our fourth design and we are very happy that our online store is growing. Stay tuned because we are preparing new products for this year, 2015 has only just begun!

For more information, to see the whole range of colours or just to buy a pair of Peacock pants click here.

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