Red Elephant Pants


The sacred image of the elephant is believed by locals to bring good luck and prosperity. This beautiful elephant print is part of a handmade product made in the Northern region of Thailand long famed for its spirituality and outstanding natural beauty. 

The pants have a pocket on the side and a thick, traditional waistband made from textured cotton. Unlike other pants on our store the elephant range only have elastic at the rear of the waist. Leather sandals, bracelets and long necklaces are the perfect accessories to complete your boho look.

Brand: Handmade
Material: Pure Cotton
Size: One size fits all
Waist: 26 to 36 inches (66 to 92 cm)
Length: 41 inches (104 cm)

Shipping: Free


Washing and care instructions: This product is not pre-washed. When you wash it for the first time please separate it from other clothes and wash in cold water. Avoid using hot water. Avoid soaking for long periods.

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