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Gray Blue Feather Pants


These pants are graced with a beautiful pattern, which resembles delicate peacock feathers, and brings with them the serenity and lightness that their name suggests. The feathers are particularly visible in the upper and lower legs with the rest of the pants decorated with subtle dots and swirls in two complementary colors.

The Thai patterns on these feather pants is matched with a more Western cut and a slightly higher crotch than most other pants in our store.  There is a small pocket on the upper right hip with a wooden button closure. The waist is elasticated only at the back giving a smooth, flush front section.

Despite the patterned nature of these pants they are slightly more discreet than some of our more colorful varieties while still providing a typically comfortable feel. Why not complete the boho look by combining these pants with leather sandals, a denim shirt and your favorite bangles.

Brand: handmade
Size: One size fits most
Fabric: Rayon Cotton
Waist range: 26 inches (66 cm) – 39 inches (100 cm)
Length: 39 inches (99 cm)
Shipping: Free worldwide delivery
Washing and care instructions: To keep your Thai pants in their best condition, please hand wash in cold water and hang dry. If you must wash them in a washing machine, make sure that you use the delicate cycle and wash them separately from other clothes. This will help prevent abrasion and tearing.
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