Hippie-Pants awarded Good Brand Award 2020

by Hippie Pants on February 21, 2020


We’re proud to announce we have been given the Good Brand award 2020 by Sublime magazine. Since 2007 the publication rewards businesses that can be trusted by customers with the Sublime Brand endorsement badge. This year we have the honor of having been selected for the award in recognition of our environmental campaigning and socially responsible production.

Hippie-Pants work directly with local rural communities to produce in small batches from locally-sourced bamboo rayon or pure woven cotton, with extra attention to detail.


Hippie pants operates in Brazil as Calça Thai where we actively collaborate with NGOs such as Apremavi, Site Sustentável and Eco Desenvolvimento to support preservation efforts in both the Amazon and what remains of the Atlantic rainforest. We also encourage our customers to donate where possible and have an annual “forest day” where we donate our profits to environmental causes.

While it is impossible for an ecommerce site to have no impact we also try to minimise any negative impact our supply chain might have on the environment. For example, when buttons are included on our shirts or pants we make sure that they are made of wood not plastic. We also source all materials form a single country to avoid excessive use of shipping during the production process. That’s why we guarantee all out clothes are made of Thai cotton or locally sourced bamboo rayon.

Hippie Pants good brand

This model also ensure we can supervise all aspects of production and operate according to our fair trade principles. In particular we strive to support groups of workers in rural communities who are able to earn an above average income without being geographically dislocated to larger cities. All our products are produced in small batches and periodically sent to our central warehouse in Bangkok for final packing and shipping.

Sublime magazine believes that labelling is a good way to build a better relationship and understanding between customer and companies. In a larger scale, this contributes to consolidate and validate innovative and socially responsible business models across the business to consumer sector. It is therefore with great pleasure that we will seek to incorporate this badge on our site and beyond.

Thank you to all our customers for trusting and supporting the brand.



Hippie Pants

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