The lush beauty of Thailand in full glory at Soneva Kiri Resort

05 October 2015

The lush beauty of Thailand in full glory at Soneva Kiri Resort

Imagine a place with all the infrastructure of the most luxurious resorts in the world, located on a paradisaical, extremely well-preserved island which can only be reached by private plane. Now imagine that this place is in the Gulf of Thailand, one of the most beautiful places in the world, known for beaches that combine the diversity of tropical forests with shallow, warm, clear waters. It may seem a dream, but this place exists and is called Soneva Kiri.

Soneva Kiri Thailand

Soneva Kiri is a resort located on Koh Kood Island, near the coast of Cambodia, an hour's flight from Bangkok. To ensure site preservation, access is limited and available only by a private plane journey, which is part of the accommodation package. Concern for the preservation of nature is one of the more interesting aspects of Soneva Kiri, a place in which the SLOW-LIFE (an anagram for Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences) philosophy is adopted. The essence lies in promoting sustainable, organic, and local well-being through enjoyable and inspiring learning experiences. In other words, the resort, besides promoting the well-being of its guests, is committed to preserving the island's original environment, preserving its biodiversity and always looking to minimize its impact with customized energy, water usage, waste recycling, and marine biology projects, among others.

Pool Soneva Kiri Thailand

The resort structure itself is impressive, the rooms are in “villas,” as if they were cottages scattered throughout the island, and have one or two bedrooms, all of them very close to nature and with private pools as well as buggy and butler services. There is also a space for children called “The Den” and even an outdoors cinema, “Cinema Paradiso.”

However, one of the most incredible attractions is without a doubt the restaurant which has been labeled “Treepod Dining.” Here you experience a dinner prepared with fresh local ingredients all served at a table set on a tree top, in which you and all the dishes are hoisted one by one to the top. According to the resort owners, that childhood dream of building a tree house and seeing the world from above was the inspiration for this unusual restaurant and will be probably one of the closest experiences to dining in heaven that you will ever have. With an amazing view of the forest and the sea coast, it is certainly unforgettable.

Treepod dining Soneva Kiri

The guests at Soneva Kiri are requested not to wear shoes on resort areas, a common custom in Thailand, as with bare feet you can “feel everything.” The objective is to make the experience even more sensorial and even softer on the environment.

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