How to wear Thai pants

by Hippie Pants on November 26, 2015

Thai pants are great for Thai weather because they are so light and breezy. Not to be confused with sarouel pants, Thai pants are always made of loose and breezy fabric and often embellished with traditional symbology, Thai pants are every traveller's favorite and instantly convey certain bohemian style to the wearer. A lot of people love Thai Pants and yet others swear they are hands down the best pants for yoga, But how to wear them? We're here to help you out.

Known for their vibrant, multihued colors and traditional prints, Thai pants are a distinctive part of many travel bags. Check out our best tips on how to use those flowy Thai pants:

If you want to wear them during winter, there are several ways to combine them with other clothes and accessories. You can use long boots or ankle boots made of vegan-leather or even suede. We suggest brown or black colors to make a perfect match. Go for what suits you best, what matters in the end is for you to feel good.

Those who want to wear a jacket on top can opt for a vintage piece or even a body hugging leather jacket. If you want to stand out, try jackets with beads, embroidery, or other embedded ornaments. Olive green military-style jackets might work as long as you choose the tighter fit.

And remember if it's particularly cold you can wear a pair of leggings or thermal underwear underneath them. Nobody will notice!

As for summer, Thai pants go perfectly with flat sandals and alpercatas giving a lighter, breezier look. If you're going to a park or lounging at home you can even go barefoot.

Barefoot in Thai Hippie Pants

Why not go barefoot in you thai hippie pants

If your pants are brightly colored, it might be best to match them with basic solid-colored tops: for example, a blouse (with or without sleeves) in plain colors such as black or white. You can also add contrast by mixing it up with a crochet top

Thai Pants with chunky necklace

Mixing it up with crochet can be fun!

Depending on the pattern and color, you can also try a more ambitious match. If you want to be daring, you can look for a mix of tribal patterns (blouse, top, or a light jacket) with Thai pants underneath. 

When it comes to accessories, don’t hesitate to use long necklaces. Also go all out for a bohemian style by using natural stones or seashells, they will look great, as will wood or silver earrings. Thick wooden bracelets or bangles can also be part of the look.

Thi Pants with necklace

Necklaces can often work well

In the end, let yourself be guided by what feels good and comfortable. There are several ways to wear Thai pants in a hippie or bohemian style. What matters the most is to try and find matches and combinations that fit your personality and lifestyle. 


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