Most of our pants are designed to be worn by most body types, but many of our customers want to know just how our different styles compare, whether they’re better suited to certain activities such as yoga, and even what type of weather they’re best worn in. We’ve put together this product and sizing guide to help you out when selecting which one of our collections is the perfect fit for you.


Product Guide


Classic, Lotus, Blossom & Peacock 

Recommended for:
Warm climates
Pregnant women
Tall women
Curvier women
Yoga practice

    The Classic, Lotus, Blossom, and Peacock collections are our signature style harem pants. They’re perfect for warmer weather because they’re made from rayon, a silky vegan fiber that comes from bamboo pulp. Rayon is lightweight, highly breathable and ideal for hotter climates.


    These pants have a comfortable, elastic waist which makes them a perfect fit for most body types. The stretchy waist band and adjustable waist  means they’ll fit thin frames as well as wider and curvier hips, and ever-changing pregnant women. The style can be worn as both a high and low waist, so it can adjust perfectly to most heights. The smocked waist is longer which makes it ideal for tall women. In addition to its lightweight material, elastic closures at the ankles make them great for practicing yoga.

    We saved one of the best details for last: in addition to being worn as pants, this style can also be worn as a one-piece/playsuit. Simply wear the pants above your bust, the elastic waist fits snugly around the chest and, if you like, the drawstrings can be tied around your neck as straps.

    If you’re going for a loose fitting look, especially around the tummy, try wearing them high-waisted and drawing the legs up around your calves. This gives the pants more volume. It’s a handy tip for those days you don’t want to feel constrained by your clothes.


    Ocean & Elephant Pants

    Recommended for:

    Cooler weather
    Thinner frames
    Yoga practice

      For colder days we suggest wearing leggings underneath or trying our Ocean or Elephant collections. They’re made of cotton, which is slightly thicker and heavier than our rayon styles. They work with most heights, but are best for women who are a bit more slender because the waist is only elasticated through the back part of the pants and therefore don’t offer quite as much stretch.

      An optional technique to flatter your stomach area is to take a boho belt and secure it at the hem where the band and pants meet - it creates a bit more volume and gives the pants a nice silhouette.

      This style is also recommended for holistic activities such as tai chi and yoga, not only for the freedom of movement and inspirational Thai prints they offer but also because like many of our pants the ankles have an elastic closure. Your pants won’t slip whatever dynamic poses you take on!

      The colors and patterns are so original, especially against the waistband’s contrasting design. Bohemian styles like this are awesome for festivals or retreats, easily combined with a plain color loose blouse or crop top. You can go full boho with wooden accessories, an anklet, bangles or a contrasting flowy shirt.


      Petal, Crystal, Chang & Feather Pants

      Recommended For:

      Warm weather
      Shorter women
      Slender women
      Yoga practice

        Our yoga pants have a shorter hem that’s perfect for shorter people. As their name implies, yoga pants are all about allowing their wearer to enjoy fluid movement, and their elastic ankles mean they’re made for moving, whether it’s dance, travelling or yoga.

        These pants rayon fabric keeps you nice and breezy however warm it gets. The elastic waist means it’ll flatter you no matter what size you are. Try them with a fitted top to contrast the loose comfort of your bottoms, and a pair of flat heeled sandals. A note on the father pants: they are only partially elasticated so suit slender waists.


        Fisherman & 3/4 Fisherman

        Recommended for:

        All weather
        Pregnant women
        Martial arts
        Plus size

          Our Fisherman trousers are truly unisex. Their wrap waists can be easily adjusted to fit every diverse type of body. In fact, it’s this adjustability that makes them the perfect pair of maternity pants, allowing the you to wrap and fold each time you wear them regardless of how your body has changed. You’re able to adjust both the length and the width of the pants through folding, making them exceptionally versatile.

          What makes these pants so popular is the truly unlimited freedom they offer - you decide how you want them to fit your body and can fit them to whatever your specific needs are. They’re made of cotton so they hold up well in the cold, but also breathe well in warm weather. They're also great travel pants.


          Vibe, Tribal & Om 

          Recommended for:

          Cooler weather

            Although we encourage our customers to experiment with whatever collections catch their eyes, we created these 4 styles with our male customers specifically in mind. The Om collection has a drop crotch style, while the Vibe and Tribal fit a bit higher. Tip: if you’re looking for deep pockets, Vibe pants are for you!


            Our 4 men’s styles all have adjustable drawstring waists that allow them to fit a wide range of body types. Additionally, all men’s styles are made from woven cotton, making them resistant and breathable as well as vegan-friendly. Our men’s styles are meant to lend comfort and support to meditation, yoga & festival lovers or whatever activity you love, indoor or outdoor!

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