5 reasons you will love wearing Thai harem pants

by Anna Bennington on June 02, 2015
If you are still unsure whether to buy your first pair of Thai pants, this post if for you. After reading, we’re sure your decision will be made up. ;)


1. Comfort

Comfortable pants

Besides being creative and fashionable which is why lots of women love them these pants are literally the comfiest pants you’ll ever own. The colors and prints add to their relaxing aura and that is why they are often the clothing of choice for yoga, meditation and relaxation. Made from utra soft rayon or 100% cotton, they are breathable and kind on your skin.


2. The striking prints

Thai pants come in a variety of colours and stunning designs such as feather prints, elephant patterns, mandalas, and more. They hang perfectly when paired with a plain shirt or with a color that complements the design. You are sure to look colorful, vibrant and creative.


3. They're Free Size

One size fits all pants

Known in some countries as sarouel pants, our harem pants have the classic smocked waists and the baggy style make them one size fits most. The design is such that all our pants would perfectly fit waists between 23 up to 46 inches or size 6 to 16 which means you won’t grow out of it if your body changes over time. In fact, this is why many pregnant women choose thai pants too. There are also plus size harem pants which offer an even breezier fit.

4. They feel so light

Light Harem Pants

Lightweight materials are used to make all of our harem pants and many are made of bamboo rayon which ensures maximum comfort and easier movement. Knowing that the Thai bamboo we use is sustainably grown and naturally moisture wicking will help you will free, light and full of energy! And of course if you are packing them for a holiday or a trip to the beach, they won't weigh you down!


5. They are handcrafted

Handmade fair trade pants

All our pants are carefully handmade giving an artisanal touch and feel to our products. The smocked waist and the pockets as well as the wooden buttons are all individually sewn with love. If you have worn factory made clothes before you will feel the difference. And if you wish to support rural communities, you're in the right place.

Still not sure? Have a browse through all the pants and styles in our online store

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