Plus Size Harem Pants - How to style and Where to buy

by Hippie Pants Team on June 03, 2021

Plus size fashion trends come and go, and we have all worn different styles of pants over the years. The wonderful thing about maxi size pants is that they’re so diverse – you don’t have to stick to a particular kind in order to look and feel beautiful. Plus size harem pants are a marvelous example of this. They’re a casual, easy-going trouser that can be worn in all kinds of situations while absolutely slaying. We love them.

Plus Size Harem Pants

 Here we’re going to talk in a little more detail about what plus size harem pants actually are, how to wear them and how to pick the right ones for you.



What Are Plus Size Harem Pants?

Firstly, we’ll mention harem pants in general. They are loose-fitting and free-flowing pants that reach the ankles. They can have a drop crotch style or can be straight-fitted and pinched at the end. Sometimes known as sarouel pants or misspelled as harlem pants, they were designed with looseness to be a little more modest regarding a woman’s figure and shape.

Plus size harem pants are simply maxi harem pants and are an excellent addition to the wardrobes of those with a fuller and more ‘plus size’ figure. Harem pants are loose-fitting in general, but the freedom and looseness is emphasized even more so with this kind of sizing. It is often the case that the plus size version has the same length but is extra roomy around the waist and thighs making them a very popular choice for people with a more voluptuous body type, and with good reason. With often extravagant prints, they not only do a wonderful job of improving confidence; they also look pretty while doing so.  



How To Style

Harem pants are generally versatile and plus sizes ones are no exception, meaning you can style in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. Some choose to style according to their physique and others place the emphasis on the occasion they are being worn for; casually, dance, yoga or for days out. 

Plus Size Harem Pants

If you’re just planning to chill out around the house, you can throw on a T-shirt to complement your harem pants. Make it a printed Tee if you are wearing solid colored harem pants and vice versa. This combo would emphasize the chilled-out relaxing nature of the look. Having said that, a tighter fitting top is often a good pairing for billowy harem style bottoms. Imagine you want to take part in a little yoga or meditation one afternoon – combine the harem pants with a simple vest top, and you’ve got a pretty but practical look on your hands. 

A lot of women choose harem pants as a more modest alternative to leggings for activities such as yoga. After all, who really wants to show every inch of their body to the entire class? But, if you did want to show off your curves and be the highlight of the evening, you could always pair the pants up with a crochet bralette and really steal the show. 



Which Fabric Should You Choose?

The good news is that harem pants come in an array of different fabrics so your options won’t be limited. Cotton, satin, silk, linen, rayon, and georgette are just some examples of what you can find. It’s all about what you prefer at the end of the day, but the likes of cotton, rayon and linen tend to be the most popular due to the coolness and breathability. They suit plus size figures very well and are a lot more malleable. Silk is a soft but expensive option as well as being a fabric to be avoided by vegans or those concerned with animal cruelty.



Choosing Between Prints And Solids

If you’ve looked through collections of plus-size harem pants on Pinterest boards, you’ll have seen some of the most beautiful and exuberant prints and patterns. While some of the print pants will make your jaw drop and tempt you to throw them straight into your basket and check out, you might want to consider how often you’ll wear them. Depending on your existing wardrobe, plain colored harem pants can sometimes be easier to mix and match. Or if you are really planning on embracing the boho look, why not buy a few of each.

 Plus Size Printed Harem Pants


Will They Continue Their Popularity?

Due to their relaxed, laid-back style and timeless aesthetic, plus-sized harem pants will likely not be going away any time soon. For those of you with fuller figures, they’re such a wonderful option to add to your closet. There will always be haters but wide billowy pants with a tighter waist have always looked great on curvy figures. They go well with plenty of different looks and fit in lots of different situations and it’s this versatility that have kept harem pants relevant for so long.



Where Can You Buy Them?

Due to their ongoing popularity, you can find them in a range of offline outlets including fairs, bazars, boutiques and malls and of course in online marketplaces and stores. Here at we specialise in Thai harem pants and have plus size versions of our most popular collections. All our plus-size pants use bamboo rayon and are produced in small batches. 

Hippie Pants

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