Plus Size Yoga Pants - All You Need To Know

by Hippie Pants Team on July 25, 2022

Yoga pants. They’re so common now that they’re almost synonymous with modern womanhood. Gone are the days of tight, uncomfortable jeans or metal-buckle belts that squeeze your waist. Now, yoga pants are king. Worn in almost any setting, day and night, if you walk along the street you’re almost bound to see someone wearing them.

However, if you’re a plus sized woman, you may be reading this and wondering if yoga pants are also for you. Unfortunately, many plus sized women immediately count themselves out of this conversation, as they believe that yoga pants just aren’t for them. Well, if that’s you, then stop immediately. We’re here to prove you wrong!

They are for you if you want them to be. And not only that, there are so many different types of yoga pants to choose from that there’s bound to be a pair that will suit you perfectly. So, read on to learn all about the different types of plus sized yoga pants on the market, the pros and cons of each and, of course, the different kinds of women they’ll suit.

Plus Size Leggings 

Plus Size leggings

If even the sight of the word puts you off, then wait a while. Many plus sized women don’t feel comfortable wearing leggings because they are too revealing. They’re tight, they hug your body and they can feel altogether most unforgiving. But that’s not all they are!

For women of all sizes, leggings offer an easy way to balance out their proportions. A long, dark and thick pair of leggings worn with a large smart shirt can immediately make someone - whatever their size - look effortlessly stylish. Being fitted at the bottom means that you can wear something larger and looser on top, balancing out proportions and making sure an outfit doesn’t look too baggy. A low dropping top will also give you some coverage if you don’t want to show off all your curves.

For sports and workouts, there’s hands-down no more versatile piece of clothing. Whether you’re running, cycling, walking or in the gym, there are plus sized leggings and yoga pants for you. For plus sized women, they can form a comfortable, tight fit to hold you in and help support you in your exercise. Be sure to buy good quality leggings so the material doesn’t become transparent when stretched.

Of course leggings aren’t only about fashion and working out. They’re also about pure comfort. Women of all shapes and sizes appreciate a comfortable pair with a stretchy waistband that won’t dig or cut in. Leggings in soft materials make for the most relaxing, flattering loungewear. Perfect for those days when you want to look put together but feel as comfortable as if you were wearing pajamas.


Plus Sized Harem Pants

Still not sold on leggings? We get it. Let’s talk about baggy harem pants instead which are one of the main alternatives to leggings. Often relegated to thoughts of yogis and travelers, baggy harem pants are much more than this stereotype. And they can be a plus sized woman’s dream. Soft as silk and voluminous, they at once offer supreme comfort, breathability and space to move. Whether you’re a size 0 or a size 20, they’re great for when you don’t want anything restrictive at all. Some people even say they feel as if you’re wearing nothing but the beauty of it is they still give you total coverage!

Plus size harem pants are great for casual wear, athleisure, working out, and, naturally, yoga. They’re especially good when you want to wear comfortable clothing during a yoga class, as they allow complete movement without falling down or exposing anything. And there’s the added bonus that you won’t have to change afterward if you want to meet a friend for coffee or a walk!

You can really relax and just concentrate on whatever activity you’re undertaking when you’re wearing this kind of baggy harem plants. This is great if you meditate and need to stay in your zone. They’re also particularly useful on hot sticky days when you want something breathable. Everyone can relate to not wanting to wear anything too tight that might trap the heat, but still wanting to have your legs covered. In fact this is one of the reasons they are popular with travelers in South East Asia and India. Imagine humid tropical heat but wanting to visit temples which require modest dress.

Now let’s touch on styling. Many plus sized women find that wearing wide-legged harem pants balances out their silhouette, particularly when worn with a more fitted top. Another great tip on how to style plus sized harem pants is to combine a patterned top with plain harem pants or vice-versa. This helps to make the overall look balanced and not too over the top. The Plus-Size range we sell here at Hippie Pants doubles up as a jumpsuit, this means you can wear it one way one day and another way the next. They have a strap on the waist which can be used to tie around the neck for extra support when worn as a jumpsuit.


Plus Size Wrap Pants

 Plus Size Wrap Pants

Wrap pants, sometimes called fisherman pants, are another interesting option for plus sized yogis. These roomy trousers are also sometimes called sarong pants or Thai fisherman pants, and they can be tied at the waist and folded over for a neat finish. They’re a cool, low-key alternative to standard yoga pants, and they’re perfect for larger figures.

The design means that you can decide how tight or loose to tie them, meaning not only that you can decide how it will fit and flatter your body but also make sure you get a snug fit every time. With long, loose legs and a tighter waist, these yoga pants can be flattering on many body shapes. And thanks to the tie waist, they look effortlessly flowy.

If you are using them primarily for yoga, it is worth noting that unlike the harem pants, they are not elasticated at the ankle. On the contrary, they have a wide leg finish which means they may ride up on some asanas. This may not be a problem, it will depend on the type of yoga you practice. They are also usually made of cotton or linen and quite easy to find in plain white which can make them the perfect clothing choice for Kundalini yoga.


So, why are yoga pants a thing?

As you can see, the term encompasses many different types of pants which suit a variety of occasions and body shapes. There is a lot of variety but what they have in common is that they’re designed to make you feel good, and look good in a care-free and easy way. Plus-sized or not, yoga pants are a great option to choose when you’re looking to throw on a comfortable outfit and get on with your day. And the funny thing is, half the time you’re not even going to yoga practice!

So, when you’re shopping this season, don’t discount yoga pants. You don’t need to be a yogi to wear them and any sized girl can pull off the look!

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