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What do Thai hand gestures mean?

What do Thai hand gestures mean?

When traveling in a different country, one should always try to familiarize ourselves with some basics around the culture. Cultural differences will always exist, but you can try to avoid accidentally offending someone by learning...
by Hippie Pants on December 01, 2016
What is traditional Thai dress and how was it worn?

What is traditional Thai dress and how was it worn?

Some of our customers ask us whether Thai harem pants are really worn in Thailand. Some ask us whether they are not more Indian than Thai and others ask us whether these are traditional types of clothing for Thai women. 

To answer these questions we need to delve into the history of Thai fashion and indeed Thai history. A lot will depend on how we define traditional and how far back we want to go. In other words, how many years, decades or centuries do we need to roll back before reaching what we consider traditional.

by Hippie Pants on June 15, 2015


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