5 Comfy Alternatives to Leggings

by Hippie Pants Team on July 08, 2021

Leggings are considered one of the most comfortable things to wear if you're looking for casual clothing that’s easy to move in. However, there are several situations when you might not want to wear leggings. Some people find leggings can be a little too revealing and want something equally comfortable to wear but more modest. Others find that leggings can feel a bit too warm especially during summer, intense workouts or if the material doesn't breathe well. Plus, while it's good to have a staple pair of basic leggings, you can quickly get bored of wearing the same pants over and over.

Luckily, there are many alternatives to leggings so if you're looking for another style that is equally comfortable and versatile to wear, something more modest or you’re after slightly more formal, work-appropriate pants this is the blog post for you. Try these options for a comfortable and stylish look without relying on leggings.



Sitting in joggers

Joggers can be a fantastic alternative to leggings if you're having a lazy day, dressing down, or even doing a light work out. They fit more loosely than leggings, allowing your skin to breathe more. They're also a cozy option, making them perfect for a slightly cooler day. Your movement isn't restricted, which makes them great for jogging, but they're also excellent just for lounging around at home in. They're usually cuffed at the bottom, so they feel secure and you can safely do yoga or other activities in them without them moving around too much.


Wide-legged Pants

Wide-legged Blue Palazzo Pants

On days when you don't want to wear anything too restrictive, wide-legged pants are a great option. The wider leg gives you more airflow than leggings would, which makes them an excellent choice for warmer days when you don't want to wear shorts or a skirt. Skinny pants don't suit everyone anyway, and wide-legged pants such as palazzos can give you a much more balanced look that flatters your figure. You can explore pants that taper out all the way down the pant leg or you might go for a bootleg look - big in the '90s and now back again.

Wide-legged pants are available in simple, casual styles if you're looking to stay on the athleisure trend. Alternatively you can also find smart options if you're looking for something that you can wear to work or in a slightly more formal setting than your local park or hangout


Harem Pants

Harem pants are arguably an even more comfortable item of clothing than leggings themselves, fitting more loosely but still allowing freedom of movement. You get better airflow due to them being baggy and they are soft on your skin often being made from super soft materials such as bamboo rayon. Harem pants are typically elasticated at the waist for a comfy fit and fitted on the ankles, with an overall loose fit. Having said that you can find them in slightly different styles depending on the brand and design. Some are very low crotch with the material hanging as low as your knees or even further. If you're not into the hippy look, it’s pretty easy to find harem pants which are still loosely fitting but have a more gentle taper. The elasticated anklets can be great for yoga, giving you lots of space to move without slipping down your legs as you stretch, and you can wear them after your yoga session too.



 Going up stairs chinos

Comfy chinos are perfect for work or any setting where leggings might be frowned upon. They have a slightly smarter look but they're still comfortable, so they're ideal for wearing into the office, long meetings or other formal occasions. You can find them in lots of styles too, with straight legs, wider legs, high waists, and other options to help you get the right fit for your body shape. Generally speaking they come in solid colors and, like plain leggings, can be seen as a little boring if you don’t pair them with a bolder, patterned top.


Comfortable Jeans

Comfortable jeans sitting down

For a lot of people, jeans are not really the most comfortable thing to wear. Finding a pair of jeans that works for you is like finding the Holy Grail because you need them to fit in all the right places, and denim is typically a stiffer material than anything else on this list. However, plenty of women do find jeans very comfortable when they're able to find a fit that works for them. If you’re replacing leggings, you might want to look for jeans that have a bit of stretch to them. Secondly, look for a fit that's looser and feels comfortable, not the ones that take you ten minutes to put on! Don’t forget a well-worn pair of jeans can also be really comfortable so you might want to consider a pre-loved purchase. Overall, they aren’t the obvious alternative but might still work if you mostly need something warmer than leggings or perhaps something a little more modest.

So there you have it. Leggings are definitely not the only pants available if you want a comfortable and uncomplicated look. These alternatives are all great options to have and could be exactly what you need for work, gym or a lazy Sunday on the couch.

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