Why Wearing the Right Clothing for Kundalini Yoga Is So Important

by Hippie Pants Team on November 12, 2021

Kundalini clothes

It’s no secret that yoga is a popular way to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Yoga is also the perfect way to enhance wellness and diminish stress levels. Over 28 million Americans practice yoga each year and many of those choose kundalini yoga.

But what is kundalini exactly and what types of clothes should you wear when practising kundalini yoga? As you can imagine, it makes sense to wear the right clothing for each branch of yoga and some types, like kundalini, come with specific recommendations. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about kundalini yoga and the best types of clothing to wear for it.


What Is Kundalini Yoga?

There’s no denying that life is full of boundless vibrant energy, and all the objects and people that you interact with each day contain energy. You yourself are a rich source of energy and when it comes to tapping into your internal energy, kundalini yoga can act as a tool to awaken you to its power and potential.

The word kundalini is Sanskrit for “coiled snake,” and kundalini yoga refers to an energy concept based on that of a coiled snake. Kundalini dates back to early Eastern times, and at its inception, kundalini began not as yoga but as a study of energy and spiritual philosophy.

Those who practice kundalini yoga believe energy lies dormant at the spine’s base until it gets activated through yoga and becomes channeled upwards into the body. That dormant energy flows through chakras (the body’s focal points) until spiritual perfection is reached.

The reason why a coiled snake gets used as a metaphor for kundalini yoga is as follows:

  • When a coiled snake remains still, its energy is stored at the base of its spine, and the snake will stay still until that energy gets awoken;
  • Once the snake’s becomes active , it has seemingly explosive, powerful, and immeasurable energy.

Today, kundalini yoga helps people awaken that hidden energy lying dormant at the base of their spines through physical and spiritual processes. During those stages, people practicing kundalini yoga sometimes chant mantras to help unleash their hidden energy within.


Why Wear White Clothing?

Meditation pose in white clothes

Leggings or flowy yoga pants are the norm in most yoga classes but if you’ve ever been to a kundalini yoga session or read about it online you will have noticed that people often wear white. While it’s not mandatory to wear white clothing for kundalini, many yogis highly recommend that people do so. Here’s some of the reasons why:


It’s Good for Your Aura

Firstly, white kundalini yoga clothes such as white kundalini yoga pants, t-shirts, and turbans are good for your aura because they help reflect negative energy. This is a characteristic of white color itself. 


It Increases Self-Awareness

Perhaps due to the less distracting nature of white, when you wear white kundalini clothing, you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. This is favorable for the goals of kundalini.


It Promotes Greater Self-Acceptance

Another reason it makes sense to wear white kundalini clothes is that it helps you accept yourself and all your imperfections. A plain white outfit doesn’t seek to flatter or highlight anything in particular.


It Helps You Connect With Others on a Higher Level

When several people wear white at the same time it can have a powerful effect. Wearing white kundalini yoga pants and other clothing encourages people to connect with you on a higher spiritual level and vice versa.


White Kundalini Clothes Keep You Cool

Lastly, there is a practical benefit. Although you won’t sweat excessively during kundalini as you would during a hot yoga session,when you wear white kundalini clothes, you might feel cooler and more at ease as you move around.


Importance of Wearing Comfortable Clothing

Whether you choose to wear white or not, there’s no doubt comfortable clothes are an essential part of any yoga session. They are definitely at least as important as your choice of yoga mats or having a calm and serene location to practice yoga.

Nowadays, yoga apparel has become so mainstream and the number of options available is immense. Yoga clothing that is comfortable to wear is easy to find irrespective of a person’s height or weight. One of the reasons that this kind of clothing has exploded in popularity is it tends to be super comfortable and so many people purchase the style even if they don't intend to use it for yoga. 

Whatever you end up deciding are the best pants for your yoga practice, you will be spoiled for choice. There’s really no excuse not to find something suitable and here’s why picking out something comfy for your next kundalini yoga practice is so important:


You Won’t Feel Restricted

Kundalini yoga requires you to be flexible with your maneuvers during each yoga session and to let your internal energy flow. Loose kundalini yoga clothes such as harem pants can be the best option to help you access your inner energy without restriction.


Your Clothes Won’t Stress You Out

Loose-fitting kundalini clothing without zippers, metallic buttons or buckles will unlikely generate any discomfort and will instead help you relax. Ideally, you should wear kundalini clothing with natural, breathable fabrics to keep your body cool and prevent your core temperature from becoming a stressor.

White yoga harem pants


Should You Wear a Head Covering?

Aside from wearing white kundalini clothes like kundalini yoga pants, many people choose to wear a head covering. You’ve probably seen pictures of kundalini masters wearing turbans. But why is that? The answer is simple: a white turban, for example, helps you have a meditative focus, contain your energy, and clarify your thoughts.

Some also say a snug turban promotes a natural cranial adjustment that ultimately creates a sense of calm and wellbeing. However it should be noted that this is completely optional. If, on the other hand, you feel you would be uncomfortable with a head covering and prefer not to use one, this will not impact any benefits you may get from kundalini practice.



Kundalini yoga helps you focus on yourself and channel the dormant energy at the base of your spine. It is regarded as a powerful technique by those that believe in the 7 chakras. This type of yoga is spiritual in its essence and depends on you being in the right frame of mind. As such, wearing the right kundalini clothes is likely to enhance your experience, stay in the moment, be free of distractions and enable you to fully release your inner energy.

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