What is the color for your Zodiac sign?

by Anna Bennington on January 29, 2018

Color is a perception of how we see various wavelengths of light, but it has also held significant, sacred meaning since the beginning of human civilization. Color pigments like blue used to be as valuable as gold, and were used sparingly in art as a way of showing off wealth or religious devotion. As we’ve mentioned previously color is especially significant in Thailand, where each day of the week has a corresponding color.

Zodiac colors

Astrology and color are also intrinsically linked, with each zodiac sign having an associated power color. So, what exactly is a power color? Your power color is the color that makes you feel more vibrant, strong, and confident. It’s the color that projects your inner energy. Zodiac signs each have their own associated power color, so if you identify with your astrological sign then this guide should help you identify the right power color for you.


Aries - Red

Aries is closely associated with red: energetic, passionate, powerful, a leader. Aries is ruled by Mars, the red planet and Roman god of war. Red might feel bold, but choosing to stand out brings so much confidence! Incorporate it into your wardrobe or around your house and embrace your inner energy and strength.

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Taurus - Green

Taurus is tied to the earth, with the goddess planet Venus, also the goddess of love. Green is a color that inspires you to be centered, calm, and in tune with nature. Wearing green can help you welcome your connection to Mother Earth!

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Gemini - Yellow

Yellow is symbolic of energy and happiness, and wearing it makes you seem open and kind. It’s a great power color to channel when you need a boost, and makes you easy to approach.

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Cancer - White

Embrace serenity and peace. Wearing white can enhance your empathy and openness to others, bringing you closer to those around you. It’s a calming power color that is easy to embrace, especially in warmer months.

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Leo - Gold

Gold is a luxurious, fiery color that has historically symbolized royalty and wealth. It makes you literally shine in a crowd, so wear it on those days that you want to stand out!

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Virgo - Green

You’re an earth sign, and green is representative of your connection to nature. Embracing green in your daily life can help you feel more at ease with the world around you, especially on difficult days.

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Libra - Pink/Pastels

Libras are drawn to soft colors, especially pastel pinks and blues. You’re a dreamer, and incredibly creative. Your power color helps you focus those far off thoughts. Keep your head in the clouds and find a way to share your imagination with others.

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Scorpio - Scarlet

Scarlet, as with all red hues, brings out your natural intensity. Wearing your power color helps you connect with those passionate emotions, reminding you to put 100% into everything you do in life. If you carry yourself with strength and confidence whenever you enter a room other people can immediately tell you’re strong willed from the moment they meet you!

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Sagittarius - Blue

You’re always seeking greater clarity, and taking the time to meditate and breathe is essential to centering yourself. Surrounding yourself with blue helps you reach that place of inner peace, and helps you carry that calm intellect with you throughout your day.

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Capricorn - Black

Black obviously has some dark connotations, but to look at it as a negative is the wrong idea. Black makes you feel sophisticated and put together, and helps you get in tune with the depth of your thoughts and feelings. Black absorbs light, and you can apply this principle to your relationships - absorbing what other people have to say and taking it to heart.

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Aquarius - Turquoise

Turquoise is closely tied to water, a reminder of sunny days and soft waves. Turquoise is refreshing, and wearing it can inspire you to cleanse yourself of the bad energy and embrace the moment you’re in!

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Pisces - Deep Blue

You’re a water sign, connected to the moon and the ocean. Deep blue helps you connect to the ebb and flow of your own emotions, embracing the ups and downs with a bit of grace and calm - just like the tide.

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