How to buy Harem pants with Bitcoin

by Hippie Pants Team on February 05, 2020
 Buy harem pants with bitcoin


So you want to buy yourself some harem pants with bitcoin? These days you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin including harem pants. We’re here to show you exactly how to do it but first, let’s start with the basics.

What is Bitcoin?

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin by now, even if it is only on the news. For those who are still unfamiliar with cryptocurrency or want a friendly reminder, Bitcoin is an online form of cash. In other words it is a digital currency which can be used to by goods and service just like other currencies. The difference with Bitcoin is that it has no physical equivalent, no material notes or physical coins. Instead it exists in the digital world and is exchanged between digital wallets not real physical wallets. To those born into the internet age Bitcoin is probably a more intuitive way of approaching payments than traditional over the counter cash transactions. To those who are a little older or less comfortable with technology, it may need a bit more explaining.


So, how do I make payments?

All you need is a smartphone and a wallet app and you'll be able to send or receive Bitcoins or any fraction of a bitcoin to anybody else who also has a wallet. Unlike US dollars or Euros you are not limited to predefined denominations. If you are interested in buying harem pants with Bitcoin you probably already own some kind of cryptocurrency and have a wallet or an account with an exchange. The next step will be spending it!


Finding places to spend Bitcoin

We already mentioned sending your bitcoin to someone else via a wallet to wallet transaction you might be more interested in spending it. Unlike other more established currencies you will not be able to spend Bitcoin anywhere you please. You will need to find shops and stores that accept Bitcoin and perhaps other cryptocurrencies too. Fortunately this is more and more common with many household names such as Microsoft now accepting payment in Bitcoin. Every year, more site begin to accept bitcoin as a legitimate way to purchase goods and services. When browsing ecommerce sites, a useful tip is to scroll to the bottom of the homepage, you’ll often find icons of the payment methods they accept. Here’s the Bitcoin icon to look out for: Bitcoin icon Check that it’s accepted before browsing the company’s products to avoid disappointment at checkout.

How to pay?

The transaction will usually be done via a third party integration. You may not have noticed but when you pay by credit card it is usually handled by a third party payment processor such as Stripe or Adyen not by the actual store. In the same way, when you make a cryptocurrency transaction to buy a product you’ll likely be using a third party such as Bitpay.

You can then pay in 3 easy steps.

First you select the wallet where you are holding your cryptocurrency.
Secondly, you select the currency, in this case Bitcoin.

How to buy using Bitcoin

And finally you make your payment.

So, what about those harem pants?

Harem pants are definitely among the comfiest pants in the world, who wouldn’t want a pair? Sadly, the world of hippie pants, boho style and carefree living doesn’t always overlap much with the somewhat more nerdy and techy world of Bitcoin. Luckily here at we’re all about exclusiveness so we not only want people to dress and feel comfortable but we also want them to be able to pay any way they want. That’s why we allow payment by Bitcoin. And if Bitcoin isn’t your crypto of choice, don’t worry you can also pay with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) or one of 4 USD-pegged stablecoins (GUSD, USDC, PAX, and BUSD). We’ve partnered with Bitpay to make things smooth and easy so look out for that option at checkout and follow the steps. Of course we also allow Paypal, credit and debit cards and if you are in the US and want to split your payment interest-free, have a look at Sezzle.


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