Make a pregnancy glow even brighter with authentic Thai harem pants

by Anna Bennington on February 22, 2017

Pregnancy is an incredible time for many soon-to-be parents. If you are an expectant parent or a person looking for the perfect unique gift, check out our collection of Thai pants. Our varieties of Thai pants are a perfect blend of style, utility, comfort that will support you or your loved one through the changes and challenges of pregnancy.

Glowing in Thai harem pants. Photo credit @RatiButr

Thai pants are functional during and after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of immense change for the body. Many women purchase specialized maternity clothes to accommodate their changing figures, only to not use the clothes again when the pregnancy is complete. A new you does not have to equate to a new wardrobe! Thai pants offer the unique function of being awesome during pregnancy as well as after, offering a flattering, stylish look. You won’t need to store them in a box for later or donate them to a charity shop- they continue to be functional, stylish and comfortable no matter what life stage you are exploring.


Thai pants are comfortable

Thai harem pants give any mother the comfort and space needed during pregnancy recovery. Every pair is made of soft, durable cotton that adjusts and flows with your body. The design of the pants are free from any annoying buttons or zippers that can press on scar tissue and take up your valuable time. They are flattering during and after pregnancy, and perhaps most important, easy to get in and out of!

Live in comfort with Thai pants. Photo credit @RatiButr


Thai pants make a statement

Thai pants are uniquely designed by artisans in Thailand. The bright color and design blends represent style and Thai culture, and always make a statement. Pregnancy is a time for change, but no one needs to lose their style! Thai pants allow you to explore your personal style and branch out into a different fashion - equipped with color and comfort. Not into the the peacock pants design? Try out the classic style instead! The pants are also versatile and can be used in a variety of situations, from going out on the town to lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday.

Thai pants are stylish and versatile. Photo credit @RatiButr


Thai pants are great during and after pregnancy

Thai Pants are functional during and after pregnancy. The elastic waist can be pulled up and adjusted to become a jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is stylish and comfortable while allowing effortless access to breast-feed. The pant tie allows for increased security by tying comfortably around the neck.


Tie and transform with the waist ban. Photo credit @RatiButr


Thai pants give you something to feel good about

Thai pants exemplify comfort, utility and a unique Thai style. Extra bonus - they are also vegan and eco-friendly. Every pair purchased supports local artisans in Thailand, upholds the Fair Trade promise and is kind to the environment. Thai pants look good, feel good and give you a reason to feel good about treating yourself and supporting ethical causes.

Our collection of Thai pants are always ready to help you find your flow and promote comfort during and well after pregnancy.


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