Balloon Pants For Men

by Hippie Pants Team on January 13, 2022

Balloon Pants


When it comes to styles of pants that can divide opinion, balloon pants manage to do just that.

Balloon pants for men are a great option to wear pants far into the summer because of their loose, relaxed fit and construction which are ideal for hot weather. On the other hand they are perceived as unconventional by some and might draw some looks from passers by.


What are balloon pants for men?

Balloon pants have one of the most distinctive shapes when it comes to pants designs. A balloon pant typically has a higher waist, with a slightly cropped length and a balloon effect on the legs - which is why we were first wearing them as balloon pants. Something worth noting is that the balloon pant offers a particular silhouette. It's much more aesthetic to look at than wide-leg jeans or skinny-fit jeans.

Balloon Pants for men

Balloon pants can often feature a cuffed ankle too, which gives them a stylish natural finish toward the end of the leg. A trend that we've seen in the last few years is balloon pants becoming more popular. They have been around for hundreds of years, and many people have enjoyed them, but balloon pants came back with a bang more recently.


What can you wear with balloon pants?

One of the most incredible things about balloon pants for men is that you will immediately have a stylish silhouette regardless of your body shape underneath. They can also easily be dressed up or dressed down depending how you pair them. As for the pants themselves balloon pants look good in solid colors but look fantastic in print too. You can always find a style and color of balloon pants that suit you.

If you have never worn harem pants or balloon pants before, then choose a pair in a solid color. Often black is the best option as it goes with everything. One of the most classic looks for balloon pants for men is a black pair of balloon pants, worn with a simple white T-shirt and white trainers. This is an incredibly stylish look and super casual. It's one that you can wear to parties, or for a big date. Equally, they look cool just to do your groceries.

As you learn to style them and get more comfortable with baggy styles you can experiment with brighter colors and patterns.

If you do decide to go for printed balloon pants, then try to opt for a top that is in a single solid color top. This will stop the outfit from feeling overwhelming. Choose a t-shirt that matches a secondary color within the pattern of the pants. This will give the whole outfit some balance.

For a more edgy feel to your balloon pants, pair them with a combat boot, a short cropped jacket, and a loose-fitted distressed t-shirt.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not try Olive Green balloon pants, these typically look incredible with a light-colored t-shirt and some cream or white sneakers.


Can I wear my balloon pants for men to work?

Unlike some other casual types of trousers like jogging bottoms or lounge  pants, the balloon pant offers some more sophisticated looks.

Typically they are very beautifully made and offer a smart-looking silhouette. This means you can wear your balloon pants almost anywhere. For work events, it really depends on the type of environment and sector you work in. Choose a more sturdy material and a solid darker color - as these are more classic and structured, and would be suited to most casual office environments. 

Try wearing your balloon pants with a tailored shirt and a fitted jacket for a clean look.


Are men's balloon pants flattering?

You’ll be happy to know that men's balloon pants are incredibly flattering due to the design. The tapered waist and loose hips and thighs skim the body beautifully. The cuffs bring them back in at the ankles, and they can make the legs look a little bit longer.

Since they give you room to breathe, they are always more comfortable than jeans or chinos, and there is nothing that gives you more confidence in your outfit than being comfortable.


Can I exercise in balloon pants?

The balloon pant comes in many different materials, and some of those materials are absolutely perfect for working out. You'll just have to keep in mind if you are around any equipment that none of the material catches as it is a little bit loose on the leg.

Wearing balloon Pants in the Park

Balloon pants are very well suited to light exercise such as yoga, tai chi, pilates, and walking. So you can still enjoy some of your more active activities with these styles of pants. When purchased in cotton, linen, or bamboo, they are ultra-breathable.

Balloon pants are a must-have in any wardrobe because they are so easy to wear, offer versatile combinations, and literally suit every body type. Ready to buy a pair? You can get a beautiful pair of balloon pants for men at today.

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