Fair Trade Guarantee

Below is our fair trade pledge to our customers. We try to perform well above these standards:
  1. Guarantee that no children under the age of 18 make, or are involved, with our products in any way.
  2. We provide equality for men and women in pay and opportunity within the workplace
  3. We pay a fair wage to all workers that is always well above the national minimum average
  4. We prepay our designers and seamstresses so that they never go into debt buying materials for us.
  5. We promote modern products based on local Thai traditions and produce them locally. This keeps traditions alive and provides income in rural areas.
Through our way of working we increase awareness for the need to shop responsibly and join other small independent stores in encouraging multi-nationals to join us in working towards fair trade on a global level.
For more information, contact info@hippie-pants.com