Yoga and Thai Hippie Pants: Synergy and Harmony through Movement

by Hippie Pants on July 26, 2017

Since the inception of the Hippie Pants brand, we have always connected our pants with the practice of yoga. It is an effortless association in our minds to connect the comfort of our materials to the inter-dimensional practice of yoga, both in the spirit and body. 

Yoga and Hippie Pants

However, the connection runs deeper. There are parallels in our overarching values and principles instilled in our business and those involved in the practice of yoga. Slow fashion, of which we are proponent, can be viewed similarly to the progression of an individual's journey through their own practice of yoga, to be mindful through each step as we grow in our lives and bodies. When we slow down on our path, we are able to be a witness to every step of our journey and engage every aspect of our life. Our ability to have personal control and external awareness is deeply ingrained to our lifestyle as well as our business principles

Initially, yoga asana practices (the exercise movements that we most commonly equate with yoga today) were created merely as a gateway to a stronger and more blissful meditation practice. Hatha yoga was the first practice in this creation to calm the body's nervous system so that the meditational practice would still the mind. 

Origin yoga

Nowdays, we have multitudes of varieties of yoga, from more inward calm classes like yoga nidrayin yoga, and meditation to more high intensity and energetic classes like vinyasa, ashtanga, and aerial yoga classes) Yoga has definitely become an amazing vessel for connecting us to our breath and has been a stress reducer for our chaotic whirlwinds and hectic lifestyles. The physical practice itself tones our muscles, aligns our structure, increases flexibility, integrates our breath into our nervous systems, and aids in circulation. Just to practice the more strenuous exercises in our Thai pants allows you to feel graceful and flexible while connecting to the worldly art of yoga.  

But, some of the most intriguing aspects of yoga lie within the spiritual transformations that yoga influences consciously through daily practice, conscious breathing work, and attending to our physical body and internal organs. As the practice intensifies so does the expansion of the awareness of how we can correlate to ourselves. Through meditational guides, yoga teaches principles of healthy digestion, better respiratory systems, calming of the nervous system, and overall harmony of every function in our human body. As yoga in Sanskrit roughly translates to 'unity' or 'joining together', it's essence is truly to merge mind, body, and spirit to create a blissful way of life.  

Brown Chang Pants

Clothing has a huge impact on the mobility and comfort during any corporal art form and the case is true for yoga too. Wearing natural and loose fibers both allows the practice to be fluid and gently hints at the morals and values of yoga through representation in the patterns of the clothing worn. Thai yoga pants have an elastic waist to easily move from pose to pose without getting caught and to avoid slippage. They also have elasticated ankles to avoid slippage when either or both legs are in elevated positions. As well as feeling beautiful and connected to ones own movements, it is essential not to be bothered by shifting clothing or scratchy fibers 

Part of our inner beauty is feeling beautiful and, wlthough just the beginning, by wearing beautiful and stylish clothing we begin to work on authenticity and self-worth. If the mind does not want to stop thinking about how we look, it will not be able to grow to the degree it is possible. Thai hippie pants allow that expansion to be effortless and tasteful. The design, vegan materials, functionality, and values behind the pants allow our inward beauty to be represented outwardly- now, it is in full harmony and high functioning. 

Black crystal hippie pants

We believe in the constant search for a more mindful and healthy lifestyle where knowledge and fullness in life are embraced and attainable. We nurture healthy routine, compassion, and understanding. And, as our pants are brought to you straight from Thailand, a place long known as the 'Land of Smiles', we hope that a little more peace and happiness can be spread worldwide.  

Please visit our about us page, to learn more about our values and how we work, as we aspire to be part of your conscious wardrobe rather than than just another piece of clothing. Thai Pants, more than apparel or fashion, are a representation of a richer, intentional and present lifestyle.


Hippie Pants

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