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Black Mandala Shirt
Black Mandala Shirt
Black Mandala Shirt
Black Mandala Shirt
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Black Mandala Shirt


    Our Mandala Shirt carries the Buddhist representation of the universe in both its name and design. As well as being used to aid concentration during meditation sessions, mandalas in Buddhism are considered deep symbols of gratitude and respect when offered to another person.

    This handmade shirt features a large mandala on its front as well as smaller, but equally intricate patterns on the arms and edges which together create a simple but unique print. It's a shirt that exudes peace, respect and calmness.

    With a traditional V neck design and discreet slit waist finish, the Mandala Shirt is made to be loose fitting. Like all our other menswear products this item is 100% cotton but, in contrast to the Serenity Shirt, it is made of ultra light and thin material intended to make it as breathable as possible. An ideal choice for warm weather environments.

    Brand: handmade
    Material: 100% cotton
    Modelo: V neck, straight cut, split waist

    The shirt comes in 3 colors and 2 different sizes. The model in the pictures is wearing size L.

    This product is not pre-washed. When you wash it for the first time please separate it from other clothes and wash in cold water. Avoid soaking for long periods.