Harem Pants For Men

by Hippie Pants Team on March 28, 2023

If you’re a guy you know that jeans, and especially skinny jeans, just aren’t that comfortable. But often, it can be tricky to decide on an alternative. Well, when it comes to maximum comfort and style - harem pants for men are hard to beat.

Men’s Harem pants for quite some time were considered as a niche boho or hippie style. However, in recent years some of the hippest celebrities and K-pop stars have been seen wearing harem pants. And they have seen a considerable rise in popularity.

Harem pants are known for their extreme comfort but also bring something interesting to the silhouette. They come in different styles and materials too - so you won’t have any problems finding the ones that suit you best.

Can men wear harem pants?

Yes! Men can and totally should be wearing harem pants. The style has been around since the 19th century and never really went out of fashion although the kinds of people who wear them has changed over the years. The baggy harem pants are usually made of soft material and perfect for relaxation or meditation. The less roomy ones with the drop crotch are close to joggers and can sometimes be found in other material such as polyester blends. Once you’ve settled on your style, you just need to choose a pattern and color that matches your vibes.

What are the benefits of wearing harem pants?

Harem pants are so easy to wear and will go with almost everything in your closet. Style them with contrasting Tees and pair them with boots or sneakers. As well as being easy to match another huge bonus is that you can wear them anywhere on your waist or hips that feels comfortable for you. Either way they’ll be plenty of breathing room down there!

In fact, when it comes to sizing, men's harem pants are very generous; often, harem pants will come with an elastic or draw-string waist. This means one size of harem pants can fit a range of different men.

And another thing to remember is the cuffs don’t necessarily need to be at your ankles if you prefer a three-quarter length pant - it’s totally possible!

Can anyone wear men's harem pants?

One of the best things about harem pants is they are unisex and timeless. This means they suit most people most of the time and as they cover up your lower half in flowing fabric, they are very forgiving too.

So the question is not so much who can wear them but when to wear them. A lot of people have them as a go-to for leisure since they are loose around the waist and the legs making them ideal for relaxing in. Rather than wearing those clingy jogging bottoms, or trying to squeeze into tight pants, switch them out for a soft and roomy pair of men's harem pants.

If you are quite active, you might find the bonus in wearing men's harem pants. They are used for many active activities. Evening walks and yoga sessions spring to mind. They're easy to slip on and off if you need to get changed in a hurry and are often made using lightweight and breathable cotton.

If you like traveling, there are few better pants to travel with than the humble harem pants. Men's harem pants are effortless to style when it comes to going on vacation. Simply grab your favourite tank top and a pair of trainers or flip-flops and you are good to go.

They give off that laid-back, care-free, I’m-on-holiday look and can be worn on the beach, to the restaurant or back in your Airbnb. If your destination is a conservative country or you want to visit temples which require covering up is required they provide a good option to stay cool while having your lower half covered.

Are there different types of harem pants for men?

There are many different harem pants. Some are more tailored and fitted, and while you will still have that very soft and stretchy waistband, they might be a little tighter around the calves up to the knees. On the other hand you might prefer to have harem pants that have a more extended crotch area offering even more room for movement. There are also harem pants that sit somewhere comfortably between the huge ones with the drop crotch and the tailored ones.

Style some more tightly fitted and tailored men's harem pants very quickly with a fitted tee and a cropped tailored jacket. You can style the looser ones with flip-flops and a relaxed-fit tee. It entirely depends on where you are heading.

The material can also vary. Ideally, you want to look for breathable cotton or light woven linen. They will wash well and offer you the most comfortable experience with harem pants. After all, comfort is one of the main reasons to wear these in the first place.

Finally, the way the waist is tied can vary from brand to brand. Some use an elasticated waist and others have a drawstring which allows you to tie your pants as tightly or loosely as you like. You’d expect huge pockets but some styles don’t have any at all and some have them only on one side so make sure to check before you buy.


The bottom line

Harem pants for men continue to be a popular choice for comfortable, alternative loungewear. These pants have been around for a long time in various cultures and are known for their extreme comfort coming in different styles and materials according to the wearer’s preferences. Men's harem pants make a distinct silhouette suitable for informal occasions or leisure activities and are particularly good for yoga, meditation or casual evening walks. They often come with side pockets and are simple to style, making them ideal for vacations or hanging out at home. The material is usually soft and lightweight, such as breathable cotton or woven linen.

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