Unleash Your Inner Hippie with These Stunning Styles

by Anna Bennington on August 17, 2019

There is an inner hippie inside all of us so why would we shy away from expressing that. So many things are awesome about the hippie life – the feathers, the Volkswagen cars, the flowers, festivals, and kaftans. At times,  we all want to allow ourselves to be a little liberal and free-soul just like the original hippies. So, why don’t we do it now? Shall we?

Let’s start with dressing up with a pure free-spirited hippie style.


How to dress like a hippie?

Hippie clothing comes with a natural element that brings out your own personality. Hippies generally wear loose and comfortable clothes and are comfortable with their own bodies. If you want to dress like a hippie, all you have to do is put aside your mainstream look and put some of your loose fitting clothes and scarves to work.

Here are some tips that might give you enough hints to create your own hippie look:

  1. Look for over-sized clothes, bell bottoms or anything with tassels!
  2. Choose mild and soft colors with floral prints.
  3. Long blouses are the hippie wardrobe mains.
  4. Torn and ripped jeans are fine with hippies.
  5. Harem trousers are a must.
  6. Don’t forget leather sandals, boots or flip-flops.

10 Hippie Styles to Create a Stunning Hippie Look

1.      Purple Peacock Pants

Peacock pants

Crafted with the brightest colors, these peacock pants are an amazing choice for hippie souls. Its peacock pattern represents how positivity transcend negativity and transforms into something beautiful. You can wear it as a baggy pant or a jumpsuit - your choice. Pair it up with a tank top for a stunning boho-chic look.

Interested? Buy Purple Peacock Pants Here.


2.      Burgundy Classic Pants

Classic Hippie Pants

Call it a pant or a jumpsuit - we won’t mind. All we know is that its classic solid color makes it a perfect pick because you can match it up with anything you like. You can go really creative with pairing up this pant. Don’t be afraid to add sandals and jewelry to complete the look.

Interested? Buy Burgundy Classic Pants here.


3.      Navy Blue Feather Kimono

Blue Kimono

Wearing this stunning feather kimono will let you create your own breeze. Wear it on a perfect sunny day or as a swimsuit cover up, this Thai kimono will surely unleash your hippie personality while making some jaws drop. It is meant to turn just about any look into a pure hippie look.

Interested? Buy Navy Blue Feather Kimono Here.


4.      Red Feather Pants

These pants are a perfect blend of traditional Thai design and elegant, modern print. The pant features a small pocket with a wooden button and a high waist which makes the legs seem longer. Pair it up with anything black or white and the look won’t disappoint you. Accessorize your look with our elephant bags and hippie earrings.

Interested? Buy Red Feather Pants Here.


5.      Fisherman Pants

fisherman pants

Looking for elegance, versatility, and comfort all in one item – THIS IS IT. Made from breathable streaked cotton, our unisex fisherman pants feature a functional pocket on the right leg. These wrap pants can easily adjust to any body type or shape so you can get that boho-chic style you have always wanted. Due to the adjustable waist, It is also recommended for pregnant women who love to dress up in hippie spirit.

Interested? Buy Fisherman Pants Here.


6.      Orange Blossom Pants

These blossom pants are a 2 in 1 romper or harem pants. You can wear them as a jumpsuit or as high waisted harem pants. Wear them at home or take them out and carry the perfect hippie vibes with you. Pair it up with earthy accessories and you’re ready to show off your new bohemian look. Vegan leather sandals and silver jewelry, for example, would enhance the look.

Interested? Buy Orange Blossom Pants Here.


7.      Brown Ocean Pants

Graced with a beautiful paisley pattern these cotton pants will bring peaceful vibes and serenity to your bohemian soul. The handmade waistband features a pocket on the right front leg and the anklets are secured with elastic. You can complete the look with sandals, a crochet top and a gemstone necklace.

Interested? Buy Ocean Pants Here.


8.      Gray Chang Pants

chang pants

Bright colors and a mesmerizing mix of flowers, geometrical shapes and elephants are the main highlight of these pants. The pants offer a slightly tighter fit and a lower waistline than some of the above-mentioned designs and give more of a Western look. Our easy chang pants are stylish and practical all at the same time. You can’t go wrong.

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9.      White Crystal Pants

white hippie pants

If you’re a bohemian girl who prefers a discrete look, there is no better option that these comfortable white crystal pants. The perfect representation of simplicity and style, these boho pants are a must for those who need a tranquil and peaceful feel. It’s the perfect wear for a casual day out, meditation and yoga practice.

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10. Turquoise Fortune Pants

the elephant pants

Featuring the majestic Thai “Elephant”, these elephant pants must be the all-time favorites of many hippie souls out there. It gives you laid back baggy appearance without being too loose. Made from soft bamboo rayon and vegan fabric, these pants are a must for any hippie’s wardrobe.

Interested? Buy Turquoise Fortune Pants Here

If you want to be hippie, BE A HIPPIE. Dream big make your own styles and be as free as you can be.



Hippie Pants

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