Brown Peacock Pants – Hippie Pants

Brown Peacock Pants



A great choice for yoga or pilates lovers our range of peacock pants are bright and colourful. Buddhists hold the peacock in high regard as it is considered an animal which transforms bad into good. It feeds off toxic plants and turns them into beautiful feathers. In other words in transcends negativity and exudes beauty and that is the inspiration for this peacock design.

It has the same cut as our Thai Hippie Pants and can be worn two ways, as loose, baggy pants or as a jumpsuit. Buy a pair today and fill your wardrobe with colour and joy!

Brand: Handmade
Material: Cotton
Size: One size fits most
Waist: 24 to 41 inches (61 to 106 cm)
Length: 41 inches (104 cm)

Shipping: Free

Washing and care instructions: This product is not pre-washed. When you wash it for the first time please separate it from other clothes and wash in cold water. Avoid using hot water. Avoid soaking for long periods.

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