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Men's White Fisherman Pants


Not everyone knows it but our Thai Fisherman Pants are unisex and are often worn by men. In fact, they got their name in Thailand because local fisherman, predominantly men, used to wear them. Fisherman pants are light and airy as well as being extremely versatile. They can be adjusted for a snug fit to any body type by wrapping and tying the 2 rear straps. In this way both waist and height can be adjusted. 

To tie the waist, you only need to tighten or loosens the straps whereas for length the trick is to fold the material at the waist so that it drops to the perfect length. As these are wrap pants, please note they do not include any elastic, zippers or buttons, relying instead on traditional knots and folds.

Fisherman pants are popular both for active sports and everyday activity making them a great addition to your wardrobe. All colors are made of plain, striped cotton meaning you can combine them super easily with plain tees, patterned.shirts or accessories. Flat-heeled sandals or espadrilles are a great choice of footwear.

Martial Art Practitioners  Therapists   Plus Size

Still not sure how to use them? Check out how to wear fisherman pants guide

Product Details
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: One size
Waist: up to 54 inches / 136 cm
Outer leg: 39 inches / 100 cm
Inner leg:  22 inches/56 cm
Cut: Wrap around Fisherman pants with right leg pocket.
Shipping: Free worldwide delivery

Washing and Care
As this is a handmade product and the pants are not pre-washed, the first wash is important. Please hand wash separately in cold or warm water. To keep your pants in their best condition avoid high temperatures, tumble driers and soaking for long periods.


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