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Black Fortune Pants


The print on our fortune pants may be familiar to your already due to its popularity with travelers and locals alike. It features geometrical patterns intertwined with multiple elephants. This majestic and iconic Thai animal has a strong association with good luck, hence the name of our pants. Wear elephants on your pants and good fortune will surely follow!

The cut is baggy though a little less flowy than our harem pants. There is a pocket on the right side and an elasticated waist and anklets (so they don't slip when you're doing yoga!). Unlike our pure cotton elephant pants, these fortune pants are made of bamboo rayon, a fresh, breathable and vegan fabric.

Brand: handmade
Size: One size fits most
Fabric: Rayon
Waist range: 24 inches (61 cm) – 43 inches (111 cm)
Length: 42 inches (106 cm)
Shipping: Free worldwide delivery

Washing and care instructions: To keep your Thai pants in their best condition, please hand wash in cold water and hang dry. If you must wash them in a washing machine, make sure that you use the delicate cycle and wash them separately from other clothes. This will help prevent abrasion and tearing.

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